Security and Personalization Management With Progident Application Platform

A Well-Kept Secret!

Invisible to the user, this application platform is the strategic core of the Progident management solution.

Do you sometimes find yourself limited because your management system can’t adapt to your strategic vision? This is now a thing of the past, thanks to Progident/Platform!

An enlightened manager now has all the operating power necessary to unleash his or her management potential. Take action now!

Access and Security Control


Work Configuration and Editing Screens

The innovatice and flexible application platform and the fully updated sofware or the Windows 10TM operating system of MicrosofttTM are the difference and why Progident software distances itself from the competition.

A customized report generator and a screen configurator let you adapt your software to your specific needs and save up to 9 preferred work environments per user.

Finally, a software that adapts to your practices and not the other way around!


Report and Form Generator

Several management and performance indicators (dashboards) are visual. For example, the average daily hourly rate or the number of missed, cancelled or moved appointments of a patient.

To these indicators are added more than 240 management reports that ensure you can analyze your  clinic from all angles!


A Well-Organized Hierarchy Begins with Progident/Platform




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