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July 18th 2019

New Display Themes for Greater Management Possibilities

The latest version of the Progident application platform introduces new possibilities in terms of display themes and work environments management. Indeed, we provide you with a new interface layer that allows you to choose from a list of elaborate display themes in order to further customize your work environment and increase your flexibility and fluidity management.

A Work Environment Management More Refined

When you are in full concentration on a specific task, it can be frustrating to inadvertently move a work window or even close one as this phenomenon slows down your management; you have to reactivate your environment or replace the work window manually.

Thanks to our latest version of the Progident application platform, you now have the option to lock your work environment to create a unified screen that prevents unintentional window movement or closing.

With a new lock icon in the main menu of your software, you can, with one click, remove all options for opening, closing or minimizing a window for each opened element of your working environment. The lines surrounding each one of them also disappear to provide a more comprehensive finish, giving the impression of working only in one window, and not several.

The opposite is also possible; you can reactivate the closing and moving options by clicking a second time on the lock icon.

An Environment Designed for You

An Environment Designed for You

Some research in the eye health field suggests a direct link between your work environment and the health of your vision. As a matter of fact, the brightness of your screen should be adjusted according to your work environment, which the introduction of a series of Progident display themes with a dark or light background can help you control.

When activating the new dark theme, the background changes automatically from white to black, whereas the writing changes from black to white, and vice versa for the activation of the light mode.

Thus, in a situation where the light of your screen becomes irritating, a change of theme to a darker background can help reduce the damage to the sight by using a lighting more pleasing to the eyes since it can help reduce eye strain.

Your eye strain can be significantly reduced, and your daily work can benefit from it.

But beware, a dark background is not always the solution! If your company works in a very bright environment, you can instead select a light theme to prevent the ambient light from disturbing the background of your software, which can put strain on the eyes.


Progident software, therefore, performs well in all work environments. The update and modernization of their presentation are designed according to the right-angled corner display of the Windows 10TM type so you can feel in a familiar work environment that offers you significant flexibility and fluidity management.

For more information about Progident software or for a free demonstration, call one of our advisors at 1 800 650-0143 or write to .


American Optometric Association, online: 2019.
The Canadian Association of Optometrists, online: 2019


May 30th 2019

2019 JDIQ: Thank You!

Progident Presentation

A warm thank you to all participants of the 2019 JDIQ who stopped by our booth to ask us questions or simply by curiosity! It was a beautiful two days filled with interesting encounters.

Our free presentation on paperless management has also been a great success. Many of you have attended and asked your questions and we hope to have shown you the simplicity of a change towards paperless management which includes, among other things, centralized digital documentation (form, video, audio, etc.) in each patient file, as well a set of standard dental forms, most of which can be signed interactively.

Our digital environment respects the highest standards of confidentiality and traceability to provide you with increased security.

If you would like a call back from one of our advisors to discuss it further or to take the first steps towards a paperless clinic, contact Mrs. Mélanie Patry at or create a request for assistance by using the "Help" menu of your software.

Progident Presentation

May 21st 2019

Last Chance to Register for Our Free Presentation! 

Don't miss the chance to assist to our free presentation on the paperless management, Monday, May 27, or Tuesday, May 28, from 9 am to 10:30 am in the room 518A of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Kindly note that the presentation will be given in French.

This training course will allow you to learn more about your Progident/Clinic software and the depth of management at your fingertips. We will primarily discuss rooms management. Welcome to dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants!

Register to our Presentation

You will also be given a question and answer period so that you can get the most out of your presence with us. And since the presentation will begin at 9 am, coffee and muffins will be served upon your arrival!

To participate in our presentation, fill out and return us the enclosed form as soon as possible by email to or by fax at 418 650-1330. It is important to note that you must be registered with the JDIQ to participate in our free 2019 special presentation.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


May 2nd 2019

Presence & Activities of Progident at the 2019 JDIQ Convention!

Welcome to dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants!

The JDIQ (Journées dentaires internationales du Québec) convention is just around the corner and the Progident team is looking forward to meeting you there! We invite you to stop by our booth to discover the new features that Progident has developed for you to make the management of your dental practice even more efficient. Members of our team will also be available to answer your questions! 

As part of the 2019 JDIQ convention, Progident will offer its clientele the opportunity to participate in a special presentation at no extra charge, which will focus on the ''paperless'' management and its issues. 

This one-and-a-half hour training course will allow you to learn more about your Progident/Clinic software and the depth of management at your fingertips. We will primarily discuss rooms management. 

You will also be given a question and answer period so that you can get the most out of your presence with us. And since the presentation will begin at 9 am, coffee and muffins will be served upon your arrival!

Free Progident Presentation

Presentation: La gestion « sans papier » et ses enjeux 

When: As part of the JDIQ 2019

Where: Palais des congrès de Montréal

Two session options are available to you:

  • Monday, May 27, from 9 am to 10:30 am: Room 518A
  • Tuesday, May 28, from 9 am to 10:30 am: Room 518A

Register early, the places are limited! Kindly note that the presentation will be given in French.


To register, fill out and return us the enclosed form as soon as possible by email to  or by fax at 418 650-1330.

It is important to note that you must be registered with the JDIQ to participate in our free 2019 special presentation. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


April 5th 2019

''Les rendez-vous des gestionnaires dentaires'', First Provincial Symposium

''Les rendez-vous des gestionnaires dentaires'', the first provincial symposium, will be held Friday, April 12, to bring together managers and coordinators of dental clinics across Quebec. As the largest dental management software company in the province, Progident will be attending the event during which we will present our dental management solution.

Progident offers a global solution that accompanies users in an evolutionary management process, allowing them to start simply and move progressively towards more elaborate management. Whether you need to manage appointments or your agenda, bill insurers, support the operating protocol or even manage digital documents, our bilingual software is directly involved when it comes to the processing of your patients.

In order to offer you a unique and efficient management environment, Progident/Clinic and Progident/Finance can be adapted to your budget, your needs, as well as your reality.

We look forward to meeting you there, and to tell you more about all the management benefits at your disposal. It will be our pleasure to help you improve your management efficiency! You will be able to see for yourself that our Progident management solution adds value to your services, enriches the working environment of your employees, and optimizes your operations.

To know more about the event, click here.

Les rendez-vous des gestionnaires dentaires

March 13th 2019

Progident Contest: Like to Win! Thank You to All Participants

We would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to provide feedback on our products and services. Your suggestions are always appreciated and taken into account in order to provide you with a range of services dedicated to your satisfaction and your management objectives.

As agreed and in order to highlight your collaboration, we proceeded to a draw among all the people who like our Facebook page and who have expressed their opinion on Progident.

Congratulations to Mrs Isabelle Gaudette, the recipient of an iPad mini worth $ 470!

Stay tuned for our latest news and, once again, a sincere thank you to all participants. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


January 21st 2019

Progident Contest: Like to Win!

To celebrate the launch of our new website, Progident offers you the chance to win an iPad mini, a value of 470$!

To participate, like our Facebook page and share a review by telling us what you like the most about your Progident solution.



1. Go to our Facebook page and like it by clicking on the ''Like'' button. Doing so, you will be able to follow our news and notices.

2. In the left column, select the ''Reviews'' tab. 

3. In the first box, Facebook asks you if you recommend our company. Click on ''Yes'' to share your opinion.


The draw will be made among all the people who like our Facebook page and who will have given us their opinion on Progident and our products.

The contest closes March 1, 2019.


Participate now by clicking on the button below:


Facebook page of Progident  

Good luck to all! 


January 14th 2019

Welcome to the New Progident Website!

Progident is pleased to introduce you to its new and improved!

With our website now responsive, you will be able to access our different web pages from a variety of devices; our web pages will adjust themselves to the size of your screen, no matter what you use (tablet, cellphone, computer, etc.). Moreover, do not hesitate to use our ''Online Support Request'' service to benefit of an enhanced experience with our customer service.

We also invite you to follow Progident for our latest news and to talk with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It will be our pleasure to listen to you!

With over 25 years of experience in the dental field, Progident stands out by its high-level computerized management solution and its team of professionals that meets the requirements of the sector and optimizes the management of dental practices in Quebec.

Thank you for your trust!

New Progident Website

March 30th 2022

Progident's Odontogram; Interactivity at its Best

The latest version 11 of Progident software has significant advances in paperless management and the digital patient record (EMR), and the odontogram is not excluded!

Indeed, here are various recently improved aspects that enhance the daily use of Progident/Clinique dental charts:

Operating Protocole

The latest version of the software benefits from a significant revision to the "Display Settings" section of the dental chart. The feature supports the classic operating protocol "Examination-Diagnosis-Treatment plan-Treatments" even better so that everything becomes more intuitive, simple, and fluid.

Without forgetting the integration of informed consent forms with the insertion of the most frequent digital signatures, which are easily integrated into the management of your patient.


Progident's Odontogram

Evolutive Odontograms

The odontogram of operative dentistry already offers the possibility of an evolutive analysis of the dental situation of your patient from their very first visit to your clinic. This flexibility makes it also possible to analyze a specific period if necessary.

What is less known about Progident/Clinic's analysis possibilities is the comparative analysis of periodontal measurements between dates directly accessible from the history of periodontal readings.

More recently, a new detailed periodontal diagnostic form has been added to this already well-established component with the presence, among other things, of the PSR. Each form is automatically kept in your patient's documentary file.


Professional Notes and Clinical Documentation

In the philosophy of a global and centralized vision of key information, especially through the concept of a personalized working environment, the curative dental chart makes it possible to document your diagnosis and all of your professional interventions in multiple ways:

- Visual indicator of the presence of images or additional digital documents related to the diagnosis of a specific tooth
- Visual indicator of a manual note on a tooth
- Professional notes with customizable base templates to speed up documentation
- And more!

The new version offers even more flexibility in terms of the display possibilities of the various visual objects to facilitate analysis and document management. For example, a tooth number may be displayed in blue to indicate attached documents relating to that tooth. You can also choose the visual by display period to purify the odontogram and personalize it according to your needs for a fully evolutive odontogram.


Encoding and Direct Billing to the Dental Chart

In addition to the diagnosis encoding, the encoding of the acts can be done directly from the odontogram, whether for a treatment plan or the treatments directly carried out.

In addition, you can go directly to planning the visits to be scheduled with the patient at the treatment plan stage.

At the final stage, you can produce the invoice directly and immediately. Thus, your administrative team can start invoicing once the patient has returned to the reception, thus allowing an integrated process, a fluidity of management, saving time, and reducing the risk of administrative errors.

Refined Design

The new dental chart has also been graphically refined to emphasize key information to allow a faster analysis and reading of your patient's dental situation. This unique presentation also optimizes the integration of the odontogram in a personalized work environment to facilitate the interactive encoding of treatment.

Switch to paperless and from simple dental software to an ERP dental EMR with Progident!


March 24th 2022


Come and Meet Our Team During the JDIQ 2022!

Are you, like us, one of those who will attend the 2022 edition of the JDIQ? The event will take place at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from May 27 to 31, and we would like to meet many of you there!

Why should you stop by Progident booths 600 & 602?

  • We are on site to offer explanations of the many features of the software;
  • Our team can show you the new features of version 11 in real-time;
  • If you have questions about your customer file or your service plan, members of the service will answer your questions;
  • But above all, our presence gives us a great opportunity to see you again in person, year after year.

So add booths 600 & 602 to your schedule during the JDIQ 2022 and discover how Progident stands out with a complete electronic medical record and state-of-the-art features for paperless management.

We are looking forward to meeting you in May!


January 28th 2022

More Flexible Work Ergonomics with an Improved Platform

The application platform of Progident/Clinic includes some significant advances.

These advances offer benefits such as flexible positioning of the software’s work windows, which improves the display of information based on the number of screens used in the treatment room, reception area or consulting room.

The management-related objectives are to create a 360-degree view of patient information that limits and even eliminates the need to manipulate the software during treatments and build an even more effective administrative environment in the reception area.

Technically speaking, the most recent version of the Progident platform lets you position any work window of the software on the screen of your choice at your workstation.

Here is a simple example of two screens in a treatment room: The first screen can display the daily agenda with general patient information and professional notes; the second can display the patient’s dental chart, where all information concerning the examination, diagnosis and treatment plan is shown.

You can choose which information is displayed on each screen. This gives you all the flexibility you need to create a personalized working environment for each professional and management function in your clinic.

At Progident, we believe that your approach is part of your success. By offering you the possibility of adapting your computerized management to your key processes and business vision in the most effective way possible, we are convinced that our management platform will maximize your clinic’s development.

Floating Window

January 6th 2022

Effective Financial Oversight Helps You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises!

In a previous post, we indirectly discussed the sensitive topic of financial fraud in dental clinics. To get the year off to a good start, I'll go over some basics that might keep you from getting into serious trouble.

To set the table, here are the key points from our first article:

  1. There is a direct link between the rigour and discipline with which you manage your financial information and its degree of exposure to fraud. Your software must make it possible to check the accuracy and reliability of your financial data and explain any unjustified spreads where necessary.

    In short, software that allows you to change financial information directly without a trace is unreliable.

  2. As owners and managers of your offices, it is very important for you to maintain some control over their financial information by checking it periodically.

    A dentist also drew our attention to an article titled "How to Steal from a Dentist?" from the Oral Health journal. After presenting a test case, the author makes 17 recommendations, which we suggest you read carefully. As far as we are concerned, the gist of his recommendations can be found in the first one, which is:

    "Be an Active Leader: It is important that the doctor participates in the management of the front desk. Act like you care about the business side of your practice and understand the business systems that are used in your office. All policies and practices pertaining to handling money in your office must have your sanction and approval."

  3. If you cannot perform the periodic, at least monthly, audit of your financial data yourself, we strongly suggest you entrust this task to an external party, such as your accountant.

    It should take one or two hours at most per month to make all the basic checks. It will allow you to detect suspicious items. Then, all you have to do is get the required explanations.

If you use Progident/Clinic or Progident/Finance, here a few techniques you can use regularly to help you avoid nasty surprises:

  • Use the function that allows you to make sure that your schedule and invoicing matches on a given day or in a given period. All irregularities should be checked.

  • Use the review report function on your patient treatment files to isolate the unbilled treatments (e.g.: staggered, partial invoicing, etc.). Since all treatments are usually immediately billed in full amounts, the total amounts for the treatments that are in the process of being invoiced should always be minimal. All large total amounts should be checked, which is easy to do because you already have a detailed list of the patients and treatments concerned on hand.

  • All items and invoices with zero amounts in the daily fee report should be checked. This type of information indicates that an invoice and equivalent credit were issued on the same date. This may simply be due to an invoicing mistake, but it can also hide a very dubious method of processing the information.

  • Print out a weekly report of the fees, or create a PDF version, and keep it on file. At the end of each month, print out the same report (same period) to compare the totals you have obtained. Any difference is the result of transactions performed in a given week after that week is over and should be examined.

  • Ideally, configure the software so that it is impossible to issue an invoice or a credit before the date concerned. That way, any correction will appear on the report from the day in question and you can check it, if necessary. Here, we are assuming that all dentists check their fee report on a daily basis.

  • If you use Progident/Finance, you enjoy greater protection because:
    • The bank reconciliation function is very effective in detecting irregularities. A balance in the account statement of your banking institution that differs from the computer balance in the corresponding bank account at the end of the month should be examined. If you do not perform the bank reconciliation yourself, ask to see the two amounts on the screen.
    • Use the accounts receivable report from Progident/Clinic to compare the total accounts receivable balance in Progident/Finance at the end of the month. All spreads should be checked.
    • Also compare your accounts receivable balance at the end of the fiscal year in order to detect any abnormal increase over the previous year. A substantial increase should be explained by an increase in your income or a major change in the range of services you offer (e.g.: new orthodontic services that are paid in instalments). If that is not the case, dig deeper to find the explanation.
    • Once the month’s business has come to an end, close the accounting period concerned. That way, it is impossible to enter transactions in order to hide ill-intentioned adjustments. Clearly, only you should have the access rights to change the status of an accounting period.

  • Last but not least: Progident software products have a special user code (GERSYS) that requires dentists to set a password when they are installed. This code gives them special rights that should be granted to dentists only. As for users, make sure that that they do not share their user code or password with others because that will automatically reduce the effectiveness of the traceability system built into the software.

To learn more about this topic or about how Progident protects you, contact us.


December 21st 2021

A Communication Platform With Your Patients!

Sharing information with your patients and your business relationships has always been a fundamental issue in the management of your clinic. On the other hand, never have technologies offered as many possibilities as today.

Whether it's emails, text messages (SMS) or web portals, you can now count on various communication tools to enrich relationships with your patients. However, one aspect of this new world of communication is the variability of the devices used to interact with you. Therefore, the results you want to get from these tools may be restricted.

In fact, you cannot know exactly which device the patient who wishes to communicate with you possesses (smartphone or not, tablet, PC, etc.).

Also, you can't know the exact operating system version of your patient's device: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, BB10, etc.

Do these have a technological limit that could hinder your exchanges? It all depends on the type of communication you want (e.g., with or without dynamic interaction with the recipient).

Progident offers its "Cloud" communication platform to avoid these technological inconveniences, which guarantees maximum results, regardless of the device and operating system used.

In addition to improving the acuity of appointment confirmations by email, this platform supports appointment confirmation by SMS.

In addition, it allows you to set up the enhanced platform for exchanges with your patients through the "Interface and Web Services" module of Progident/Clinic.

For example, in addition to the usual information, it is now possible to personalize your distribution of information to your web portal according to the specific profile of the patient.

You can then be there for your patients at all times, both at home and on the road. To find out more about the communication possibilities of Progident/Clinic and how to deploy these services, contact a Progident advisor now.


December 16th 2021

The Progident Team Wishes You Happy Holidays!


With the holiday season reminding us of the importance of stopping to focus on what truly makes us happy, we take this opportunity to turn to those who make Progident's success possible — our clients, like you! Thank you for your continued trust! We wish you all the best in 2022.

Please also note that our offices will be closed on December 24 and 27 and December 30 and 31. Our opening hours will exceptionally be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from December 20 to 23 and from December 28 to 29.

We look forward to continuing to optimize your management and operations,

The Progident Team


December 11th 2018


Progident, the Only Dental Management Solution Integrating a Complete Accounting Software 

As we approach the end of 2018, you might be preparing your bookkeeping to possibly present it to your professional accountant.

Did you know that Progidient's accounting solution:

  • Allows you to eliminate the need for manual writing in an external accounting software each month;
  • Allows you to automatically obtain monthly financial statements by professional (unlimited number of professionals);
  • Allows you to budget and track your monthly income by category of treatment throughout the year;
  • Allows you to pay your suppliers by electronic payment (EDI);
  • Allows you to enter timesheets and to manage payroll, including the electronic bank deposit for each employee;
  • Allows the analysis of paid taxes for the possible recovery of an input tax credit;
  • Allows you to obtain consolidated financial statements for a clinic consisting of several partners (management companies); 
  • Allows to rapidly break down salary expenditures (ex: hygiene) per management companies (partner or associate);
  • And much more...

If you did not know all of these benefits at your disposal, or if you wish to know more about them, do not hesitate to contact one of our clientele advisors.


December 13th 2021

Important Notice | ACDQ 2022 Fee Guide Update

Dear Client,

In response to the Apache Log4j CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability, Ms. Élise Soucy, coordinator of the ACDQ Network, gave us a notice applicable to all suppliers regarding their web service.

The ACDQ is currently checking its network to ensure that its system is not susceptible to compromise. Its web service will therefore be temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Concerning the update of the ACDQ 2022 fee guide, you have two choices. You can wait for their verification to be completed, or you can update the fee guide and follow this procedure:


1. To activate the "Fee Guide Update" function, successively select the MANAGEMENT > UTILITY > ACT > FEE GUIDE menus.

2. At guide A, select the row to have an X in column S.

Access code column: Double-click on the access code and enter it. The latter is only needed for the ACDQ and ODA rates. You usually obtain this code with your renewal with the concerned association.

Rate column: Select the year 20xx using the arrow. If your year is not available, your access code number is not valid for the year 20xx.

The effective date will automatically be 01-01-20xx.

3. Click the DOOR button to complete the data update.


For more information regarding this notice, please contact the ACDQ. For more questions on the procedure for updating the fee guide mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

The Progident Service Team


November 14th 2018

2018 Survey: Our Annual Meeting with Your Satisfaction!

The year 2018 has been marked by the SYRA project that RAMQ has introduced for all dental software providers.

Despite the forced technological transition for many of you and the impact on your daily operations, many of you have appreciated the support provided by our team of customer advisors.

Here is the final result of our 2018 internal survey regarding the Progident software:

93% of our customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with its Progident management solution*.

Every year, many tools such as the online training, the customized training, and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are constantly being improved to help you get the most out of your Progident management solution and to reap all its benefits.

Your suggestions are always appreciated, whether for the improvement of our products or our services.

As in the past, to celebrate your collaboration in our success, we chose to randomly select, among all clients who participated in the 2018 survey and testimonials, a bank of a 5-hours service bank as well as a continuous training session of a total value of $ 550.

We are pleased to announce that this year's winner is "RIVEST DENTAL CLINIC AND LAFORTUNE, L'Épiphanie", a Progident client since 2002.

A sincere thank you to all participants and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


*The result has been obtained in the context of a 32% response rate and an accuracy of 97%.


July 25th 2018

Optimize the Management of Your Clinical-Administrative Processes Now!

Progident and Chronometriq join forces to help you manage your dental clinic and improve of your clinical-administrative processes. By giving you access to Chronometriq's Clinic Productivity solutions, Progident strives to offer you a unique and effective management environment that adapts to your lifestyle while meeting your needs.

With Chronometriq's self-service medical terminals, that targets specific information for each patient and simplifies appointment booking, you will add value to your customer service and optimize your clinical process management. Contact us now for a free demo!


June 8th 2018

Progident and Chronometriq Announce a Partnership That Will Allow Progident Clients to Improve Access to Their Clinic and Optimize Their Clinical-Administrative Processes

To read the press release, please visit Chronometriq's blog The Ward.


August 9th 2017

Progident Takes the Lead in RAMQ's SYRA Project

We are pleased to announce the start of the deliveries of Progident/Clinic’s version dedicated to the support of the new fee-for-service system (SYRA - RFP).

The Progident team is very proud to be the first supplier in the dental sector to be officially recognized by the Régie as a developer for the new fee-for-service system (SYRA - RFP).

The expertise and agility of our development team, combined with our rigorously structured deployment plan, demonstrate once again Progident's leadership in its sector.

The Progident team has at heart the comfort, the productivity and the success of its customers!

When the time comes, you will receive a written communication with the installation procedure. Until then, simply continue to operate with your current version.

Best regards



December 9th 2021

Launch of Progident Version 11

The new version 11 of Progident/Clinic includes significant advances in “paperless” management and the electronic medical record (EMR).

Here are some of the key new features available with version 11:

Revisited Patient Web Portal
Strongly enhanced for management by family, the Patient Web portal allows your clinic to get closer to your clientele by quickly sharing information and documents with your patient.

Web and Mobile Appointment Booking

Web and Mobile Appointment Booking
A new web-based appointment scheduling feature allows anyone to book an appointment at your clinic via their mobile phone or web browser at home. Configured according to your vision for the opening of accessible time slots, this new functionality makes life easier for your patients, in addition to being a powerful tool for recruiting new clients.


Sending Follow-ups by Email and SMS
A new functionality for sending batch follow-ups by email and SMS is now available. This new possibility has also been merged with the confirmation of appointments by email and SMS at the centralized synchronization of your communications for a guaranteed saving of time.

Digital Signature of the Treatment Plan
The signing of digital documents by the patient and the professional has been greatly improved at the level of key documents, such as the treatment plan. Now generated in PDF form, the treatment plan can be quickly signed directly on the clinic screen or emailed to the patient for signature at home. The latter can return it to you by email once their signature has been affixed.

Professional Notes
The function has been greatly enhanced by a new possibility of free and personalized formatting of your texts. Combined with the presence of basic models and the option of customized models, this improvement allows you to be even more efficient in the documentary aspect of your practice.

KRx Prescriber

Advanced Drug Prescriber
The new KRx dental drug prescriber is now integrated into the software. A real intelligent assistant in the prescription of drugs, this new tool combines the primary impression of prescriptions with a pharmacological adviser, alerts on drug contraindications and allows the transmission of prescriptions directly to your patient's pharmacy—a powerful and complementary tool for your professional services.

Sending Bulk Tax Receipts More Efficiently Than Ever
Thanks to a major technological advance in the report generator of the Smigg application platform, the tax receipt production report now exploits the concept of target groups and the automation of document backup to perform three actions in a single command: generate in batch all planned tax receipts, save them in PDF with each patient file if you wish it, and send each receipt automatically by email to the right patient.

Kanban Console

Operating Time Management and Analysis Statistics
Based on the Kanban console, your daily agenda and billing for your services, the processing time statistics report, and the equivalent hourly rates now offer you greater flexibility with the introduction of a "Summary" and a "Detailed" mode for the analysis of your clinic and your resources. Note that drill-down information remains available to consult your in-depth management information in both cases.


Sending Documents Easier by email
Sending digital documents by email is more flexible than ever. All the software reports can now use all the contacts and emails in a patient file (family, referent or others).

Switch to paperless management and from simple dental software to a real professional ERP management solution with Progident!


November 26th 2021

Optimum Security and Protection of Your Management Data

Given the speed and growth of information sharing through the interconnection of different IT application software programs, rigorous information management has become a crucial part of your office’s daily activities.

That is why Progident has taken the protection of your information seriously for many years. More specifically, Progident application platform includes the following high-tech functionalities:

  • Advanced management of functional and information security.
  • “Who? When? What? Where?” traceability of the information entered.
  • Integrity of the financial information entered.
  • Controlled connectivity for interconnecting with complementary external applications.

Described in this way, these four technical features may not seem critical or important to you. But here are some more specific examples of how your data are protected:

  • Protection of your patients' confidential information and your professional information.
  • Protection against internal financial theft and fraud.
  • Demonstration of the legal validity of your "paperless" computerized files.
  • Protection against data corruption by an external third party to whom you have given technical access to your management information.
  • Protection against unauthorized data use by an external third party you have given technical access to for a specific purpose.

At first glance, all software products may seem equal for protecting data. However, keep in mind that the degree of precision in the protection provided by the software product can make all the difference in one of these situations. In other words, it is all in the details.

In addition to these fundamental features offered by Progident's software products, there are, of course, certain basic mechanisms that you would be wise to install in your dental office:

  • Effectively structured backup copies made at an appropriate frequency.
  • Appropriate network access security coverage for your software programs that manage sensitive information.
  • Information sharing with other parties through secure communication channels.

Progident guarantees that you have an ideal environment for protecting your management information. Feel free to contact one of our advisors to discuss this feature.


November 19th 2021

Managing a Paperless Clinic: A Global Approach to Digital Information

The question of how to manage a paperless clinic is one popular topic at the moment. Since there is more to paperless management than techno­logy and software alone, it is worth painting an accurate picture of what exactly is involved in transitioning towards a paperless clinic.

Each step of the patient file manage­ment process generates information (dental or otherwise) that must be documented on digital media. Each step may involve completing one or more forms and having the patient sign them, creating and attaching images or adding notes to the file (your personal notes on an operative procedure, for example).

First key factor: Your digital manage­ment tools must allow you to capture a wide range of information in different ways, depending on the step in the process. However, you will not neces­sarily use all of the functionalities at the same time, but rather select the ones that align with your needs and your clinic management vision.

The software that you use is subject to the provisions of the Québec Act to Establish a Legal Framework for Information Technology (2001), the guidelines explained in your professio­nal order’s Guide to Using a Computer System for Keeping Patient Records (2006), and other requirements.

That being said, each dentist can choose the system that suits them when it comes to digital management of patient files. However, they should be able to demonstrate the efficiency of their process if they are called on to do so.

Second key factor: Computerizing the management of your patient files may lead to changes in some of your current practices. For example, an employee could end up completing a task and entering information that they were not previously responsible for. A smooth transition period is essential, so if you plan on digitizing your file management, you should consider the adjustments that might be required.

Transitioning Towards a Paperless Clinic

Above all else, it is vital that each team member supports your decision and commits to embracing change. Before transitioning to a new system, you should discuss any changes in responsibilities with your team and, ideally, come to a consensus on their relevance.

The human factor is essential to changes of this kind. The goal is to minimize resistance to change, which can increase depending on your office size, create issues and even cause your project to fail.

Do not hesitate to contact a Progident representative for more details about transitioning toward a paperless clinic.


November 11th 2021

The Progident Difference for a Customizable Software Platform Adapted to Your Vision

Forget about software that forces you to change your working methods! Choose a management solution that adapts to your way of doing things and not the other way around!

Progident makes the difference by offering you 360 degrees of freedom in your work environment.

Working Environment | Progident Software
  • Design the necessary environment to meet your specific operational contexts. The same window can have a different configuration per working environment;
  • Choose between different global display themes to further personalize your working environment;
  • Lock your surroundings to secure your windows in place and avoid unintentional modifications;
  • If your workstation has more than one screen, position any working window in the software on the screen of your choice and save its positioning to your working environment.

Our powerful application platform adapts to your key processes to maximize your staff's efficiency and the development of your clinic. Each member of your team can then benefit from an optimal working environment for their specific role.

Choose a management solution that really makes the difference: Progident!


November 8th 2021

Progident, the Software With an Integrated Solution for Complete Accounting Management

The Progident solution includes a transparently integrated software program for complete accounting. Progident is the only dental software provider that offers an “owner accoun­tant component,” which means that it is developed directly by Progident.

But what is integrated computerized accounting? First, let’s clarify two things:

  • An office can consider itself com­puterized in terms of accounting, even if it is limited to billing and managing the accounts receivable processed by its dental software. However, a complete accounting component has a much broader scope.
  • An office can use an account­ing software program known in the market to computerize its accounting, even if it is not neces­sarily automatically integrated into its dental software. When an accounting software is transpar­ently integrated, the dentist’s fees or a patient’s payment in the dental component automatically generate an accounting entry and update the financial statements in the account­ing component. This means that the same data is not entered twice and fewer transcription errors occur.

Not all offices will computerize their accounting to the same degree. That is why we talk about basic and advanced computerized accounting. Here are some functionalities specific to each one:

  • Automated production of standard financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) that enable monthly “Budget/Real” income tracking per treatment category (hygiene, curative, endo, etc.) as well as expense tracking.
  • Management of invoices and elec­tronic payments from electronic data interchange (EDI) providers.
  • Management of time sheets and direct pay deposits.

Advanced computerized accounting

  • Analysis and evaluation of the potential for recovering input tax credits (ITC/ITR) based on the revenue profile of eligible treat­ments. Depending on the volume, the recovered amount can be quite large (several thousands of dol­lars). Progident’s analysis is based on the data defined by the ACDQ for eligible treatments in the Fee Guide delivered with the software.

When management companies are involved, and several dentists are associated with the same office, the earnings and expenses of each professional can be separated by the management company. In this accounting configuration:

  • Financial statements can be prepared by a professional.
  • Employee wages can be auto­matically broken down per dentist on the basis of each employee’s timesheet (e.g. hygienist who works for several professionals).
  • Invoices can be entered by the management company.
  • In “multi-office” mode (several offices that belong to one or more dentists), the same management options are still possible, but they can also be applied per office. For instance, you can obtain financial statements per office and, if neces­sary, consolidated financial state­ments for the group of offices.

Although the Progident solution offers you tangible advantages, computerizing your accounting will require a major time investment. Make sure that you perform an in-depth analy­sis of your reasons and the business environment before you make your decision.

Here are the right reasons:

  • I would like to find out my office’s financial situation faster so that I can be proactive in managing it.
  • I would like to transfer my monthly bookkeeping costs to more special­ized advisory services. For example, to receive tax advice or monthly team management assistance.
  • I would like to make my computer­ized management more robust and protect myself better from internal fraud.

Here are the wrong reasons:

  • I like numbers and accounting because it is easy and does not take long to do every month.
  • I want to reduce my account­ing costs. It should be noted that having your financial statements periodically checked by a pro­fessional accountant is always recommended.

The most important of all conditions for successful computerized accounting and long-term satisfaction is the following:

Your team must have at least one person with the required level of accounting knowledge to achieve your computerization goals.

Accounting is its own field of expertise and has basic rules that must be properly understood. Rigour and dis­cipline are also required when mana­ging accounting.

For more information about Progident’s computerized accoun­ting, call one of our specialists at 1 800 650-0143 or write to


October 28th 2021

The Analysis Report; A Beneficial Strategy for Your Time Management!

The Progident analysis report provides the manager with concrete statistics to carry out annual planning that meets the management needs of your clinic. To do so, the computerization of your management data goes over the three usual levels of intervention:

Analysis Report

1. The operational level, which concerns the management of the activities and daily tasks of your professionals;
2. The tactical level, where control over anticipated results is exercised;
3. The strategic level, which allows the definition of objectives and the determination of the means to achieve them.

At the operational level, the statistical report evaluates the average operative intervention time by treatment category and by professional versus the actual average duration to determine whether the evaluated times are indeed met for each treatment category.

For example, when an appointment is too short for the intervention time, the quality offered to the patient could be affected by a cumulative delay in the treatments scheduled daily, while an appointment that is too long for the same time could cause a potential loss of revenue or customer service, as a professional could increase their number of treatments per day.

And since all professionals do not operate at the same pace for an equivalent type of treatment, the analysis report allows personalized control of the anticipated results per professional.

Analysis Report

Therefore, from a strategic point of view, the time analysis report stimulates the modification of specific ways of doing things in your team, for example, by adjusting the number of periods planned for a treatment and a given professional to better meet the actual times.

But that's not all! The statistic report also allows you to compare the average billable rate and confirm whether the annual net income is well-aligned with your goals according to the evaluated times.

Results: business objectives achieved, increased quality of patient services, and improved quality of life in clinics!

The Progident ERP dental management solution offers management tools that allow you to enter the information of different types and methods to draw up a precise portrait of your clinic, all presented in a simple and interactive interface. Depending on your needs, the report generator also allows you to save your data in PDF or Microsoft ExcellTM format.


October 27th 2021

Continuous Learning: An Excellent Investment!

Computer technology is developing at such a rapid rate that many managers, even the most experienced, are overwhelmed. If you’re like me, you wonder at times if all this constant pressure is good for anything. Can we live without it, or do we have to integrate these new features into our activities as swiftly as possible? One thing is sure; technology solution developers always prioritize improvements that provide direct or indirect commercial leverage. And to make them tangible, improvements have to generate a real profit for the client, of course.

Periodic updates of your computer platform will therefore improve its productivity potential continuously. In the end, you basically just need to know how to get the most out of them.

Here is what I suggest you do when upgrades are available for your management software:

- Take some time, 30 minutes ought to do it, to get a basic idea of the improvements and, where necessary, decide which projects your clinic can benefit from. List the projects and describe the objectives of each. A project does not necessarily have to be complex. For example, it can be as simple as digitizing a patient’s medical form.

- Use your periodic team meetings to discuss potential projects that you have in mind. At this point, make sure to properly assess how they will affect the way you manage your office.

Ideally, you should obtain a general consensus on the importance of these projects and, if possible, even set a start date for the next project. The idea is not to rush the process but incorporate this strategic thinking into your current office management approach.

Keep in mind that the advantage of teamwork is that it structures the process and, above all, prepares your team for future changes. Rallying your team behind any change that affects the way your office is managed is important.

You should note that Progident provides various reference sources to keep you informed of the new features that are constantly being integrated into its software:

- A visual cue informs you as soon as new features are available. The “New Features” message appears in the software menu bar and the “Notification” area of Windows.

- The “New Features” section of the “Help” menu lets you access a Web page where recent improvements are described. The page presents the most significant improvements that are likely to improve your management noticeably.

Help Menu | Progident Software

In addition to these services, there are some other very useful sources of information:

- The “Frequently Asked Questions” section of our Web site, which is under “Frequently Asked Questions” in the “Help” menu, includes a wide range of common questions. Feel free to consult it and send us new questions whenever you have them. Our team is responsible for continuously improving this knowledge base.

- The continuing education program, which you can consult any time in the “Training Seminar” section of the “Help” menu, will help you improve your knowledge of the specific features of our software.

- Interactive help, which is directly integrated into the software and gives you access to all of our user guides, lets you perform a quick search in any section of the help guide that discusses a specific topic.

Even more importantly, a customer service representative is always at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you learn more about our product so that you can get maximum satisfaction from your management tool.

Technology may seem like a dry topic at first. But the best strategy to discover all the advantages available to you and benefit from them is to invest in continuing education opportunities that teach you about your computerized management platform.

Feel free to contact a Progident advisor for all additional information.


October 21st 2021

Are You Considering a Change of Equipment at Your Clinic?

Current Technologies for Your Clinic

Progident provides you with a list of suggested equipment to help you get the best return on investment and get the most out of your Progident management solution.

Trust our team of qualified technicians to meet all your IT needs! Contact our experts at 1 888 971-7139 to obtain an opinion on the compatibility of your current equipment or to obtain a professional assessment of your needs.

You can also visit our page on our suggested equipment and required configurations to learn more!


October 20th 2021

JDIQ 2021 | Another Great Convention!

A warm thank you to all the JDIQ attendees who stopped by our booth to ask us questions, put a face to a name, or simply out of curiosity! It was two days filled with great encounters. And after an eventful year, it was a genuine pleasure to chat with you in person!

If you could not attend and you had questions for our team or if you would like a return call from one of our advisers to discuss our ERP dental solution for global and integrated management, you can contact Sabine Fafchamps at or request assistance through the "Help" menu of your software.


September 30th 2021

Recommend Us a Potential Client, and Your Next Service Plan Will be Free!

Do you like your team and your Progident software? The feeling is mutual! That is why we have a limited-time offer just for you!

Recommend us a potential client (colleague or clinic), and your next service plan will be free!

Have you already renewed your annual membership?

No issues! We will credit you the equivalent number of months before your current membership ends without a problem.

All you have to do is give us the name and phone number or email of the person we should be contacting.

We will then carry out a process and a mild validation of their interest in knowing more about the Progident offer.

If our process ends with the recruitment of a new Progident client, we will inform you immediately, and your next service plan will be free!

Simple for you and a light process to communicate in a good mood!

A collaborative approach to allow us to demonstrate all the flexibility and efficiency of the Progident management solution.

Progident, a real professional management solution, not a simple invoicing software.


If you have an issue with the button above, you can send your recommendation to .


September 29th 2021

Reminder | Come and Meet the Progident Team During the JDIQ 2021!

JDIQ 2021

Do you have your tickets for the JDIQ 2021? Don't forget to add booths 1401 and 1403 to your schedules to come and meet us!

Discover the new features of Progident that make your management the only ERP dental management solution on the market offering a complete dental EMR (electronic medical record) and innovative characteristics for paperless management. We will also be available to answer your questions!

Looking forward to meeting you there,

The Progident Team


September 10th 2021

Questions About Current Technologies for Your Clinic?

Current Technologies for Your Clinic

Progident has an infrastructure and networking division to help you integrate your current technologies. Our experts can support and enlighten you on the best choice to meet your needs :

  • The planning and implementation of an improvement project or a new technological infrastructure;
  • The optimization of your current IT infrastructure;
  • The sale and installation of the computer equipment of recognized brands at competitive prices;
  • Repair and maintenance of your computer equipment, on-site or in the workshop.

We are dedicated to optimizing your hardware platform to provide you with a unique and efficient management environment.

For any questions or to learn more about our products and services, contact  by email or dial 1 888 971-7139.

We are here to help you!


September 9th 2021

Give Yourself a Global and Dynamic Vision of Your Clinic at All Times!

The Progident agenda gives you maximum control over your activities, whatever your work context. With the Kanban console, the daily management of your practice is vastly improved thanks to the Kanban console, which offers more precise management and new analytical tools:

  • You get a global view of the physical distribution of your patients and professionals per treatment room, so you can quickly know "who" is "where" at a glance.
  • You instantly know the management stage for each patient in your clinic (e.g., waiting room, treatment, billing).
  • You benefit from statistics and performance indicators automatically fed by the console.

Dynamically integrated into the classic agenda, any change to your daily agenda is automatically reported to the Progident Kanban console. All visual indicators for the primary calendar are also incorporated into the console. For example, flashing can be used to inform a professional in the operatory that their patient has arrived in the waiting room.

The Kanban console also lets you move appointments by simply dragging and pasting them, which triggers a change in the appointment’s status and starts the timer to help you measure time for each treatment step. You can also link a room to a professional.

Kanban Console

Thanks to its possibilities, the console integrates various essential visual information to increase the fluidity of your management:

  • Duration of a patient’s presence in the waiting room, from arrival to management;
  • Duration of a patient’s presence in the treatment room;
  • Exact moment when a patient is ready for his or her appointment;
  • Time when the appointment is finished, and a patient's status becomes "ready to bill".

The statistical report fed by the console makes it possible, among other things, to assess the difference in time between what was planned for the appointment and how long the operative step took and the average hourly rate per treatment category. You can use these statistics to make necessary adjustments to improve various aspects of your management.

Finally, the Kanban console can be used both in a room, a reception area, and a common room, such as the cafeteria.

Whatever your clinic's vision, the Progident Kanban console is the tool par excellence for optimizing your team's time and, consequently, the quality of your services!


August 20th 2021

Are You Familiar With the Concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?


Just like technology, human behaviour is constantly changing. Therefore, good management tools should allow you to quickly adapt your working methods to social changes and take advantage of a new professional environment.

The illustrious Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) claimed around 1995 that the age was no longer for computers but information. In other words, it was now necessary to be more concerned with the informative value of digital data to improve the procedures of a company. Coming from a visionary, this claim was not without merit.

In a dental clinic, the contribution of management software was first recognized in terms of billing and electronic communication with insurers. A majority of clinics are still at this stage. However, in a well-entered 21st century, a dental clinic should expect much more from a management solution, in this case, responding to a more refined client approach.

In an era of market globalization, to increase their client base and to retain those they already have, companies must focus on meeting client needs. Also, the concept of customer relationship management or CRM is one of the most documented topics on the web. No wonder electronic customer relationship management is booming.

Thus, client-centricity has brought about the need to pamper your patient. It is no longer enough to treat them adequately. You must now also make sure that the experience they have at your clinic is enjoyable, that they feel important to you, that they are convinced that if they had to choose a dentist again, it is is you they would prefer. You will understand that patients in this state of mind constitute your best advertisement, an undeniable development lever for a clinic - even for the most skeptical of technology - because it is the very foundation of notoriety.

Customer approach, therefore, becomes a major aspect to be developed in a company's strategy. For some, this approach to improving client service may seem questionable (as has been said of digital imagery): is it done simply to sell or to communicate better and inform the patient? Only you can answer this question, depending on your vision of your dental practice.

The acronym CRM is rarely used in the dental field. However, almost all of the daily activities of your clinic are focused on human relations. Therefore, you are constantly functioning, consciously or not, according to an approach to relationship marketing.

Nowadays, dental management software must have the essential characteristics of CRM software. And, in a dental context, the following features should be sought: 

  • The possibility of defining and maintaining your patients' profile (habits, leisure, etc.) and adapting your treatment approach to their preferences.
  • The ability to easily communicate with your clients through various means of communication (direct mail, fax, email), individually or in batches, targeting a given group depending on the service offer you wish to transmit. 
  • The ability to keep a complete history of your communications with your patients. This feature allows you to manage and track any pending procedures and ensure that your patients' needs are met as quickly as possible. 
  • The ability to centralize information from different sources (letter, image, fax, PDF, etc.) in a single computer file per patient. 
  • The possibility for your patients to consult general information concerning them, for example, on the Web.

The importance of CRM software is such that I would call it a must-have. There has even been a talk of XRM for extended relationship management recently to broaden the application of relationship management concepts to all stakeholders (supplier, etc.) in the activities of a clinic.

Relationship marketing is a proven concept that is here for good and should even gain momentum. In the future, therefore, it is more likely that you will be forced to change your management software because of its inability to meet your clients' vision and not because it is outdated in terms of billing.

Your patients are your most valuable asset. That is why Progident offers you various functionalities to bring you closer to your clients, whether it is with online appointments, a patient web portal or even the integration of the KRX prescriber, to name only a few. Do not hesitate to contact Progident for any information on the CRM management possibilities of Progident/Clinic. Our team of specialists remains at your disposal!


August 11th 2021

Come and Meet the Progident Team During the JDIQ 2021!

2021 JDIQ

We are pleased to inform you that the 2021 edition of the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec will be back at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from October 15 to 19!

This largest dental congress in Canada brings together more than 12,500 participants from the dental field, in addition to offering training, workshops, and conferences held by renowned professionals.

If you are planning to visit the JDIQ, why not take the opportunity to stop by booths 1401 and 1403 to meet our team? Learn more about the only dental management ERP solution on the market offering  a complete dental EMR (electronic medical record) and cutting-edge characteristics for paperless management. We will also be available to answer your questions!

Looking forward to meeting you there,

The Progident Team


August 5th 2021

New Advanced Prescription Functionality With Progident/Clinic

Prepare and Send Your Prescriptions Quickly Electronically

Progident is pleased to announce the availability of a new feature integrating drug prescribing and a pharmacological advisor.

New Advanced Prescription Functionality

Take advantage of a simple interface fully integrated into the Progident Patient file to quickly analyze your patient's specific situation, improve your analysis, and offer them value-added service.

Designed specifically for the dental sector and the result of Progident's collaboration with the firm KDA, designer of the KRX prescriber, this first version already offers all the essential functionalities such as:

  • Quick and easy search for suggested drugs based on a given medical situation;
  • Quick definition of dosages according to the drug and calculation of the pediatric dosage, if necessary;
  • Interactive validation of drug interactions;
  • Interactive alerts based on the patient's allergies;
  • Notice of coverage or not of the drug by the RAMQ;
  • Information on the cost of a drug if the RAMQ does not cover it;
  • Quick dispatch of the prescription to the patient's pharmacy electronically;
  • Manual definition or request of the patient's medication history electronically;
  • Access to the patient's medical history;
  • Integration with the pharmacological advisor "Vigilance Santé", the reference for information on drugs in Quebec;
  • Automatic and advanced personalization of the prescriber according to the most frequent actions of the dentist.

Go from simple dental software to a real ERP digital management solution. Take your clinic to another level!


July 21st 2021

2021 Survey: Our Annual Meeting to Satisfy You!

Client Survey

We have recently completed the analysis of the 2021 Progident Testimonies and the compilation of our Annual Satisfaction Survey.

As specified in the email inviting you to complete Progident's 2021 Satisfaction Survey and Testimony, we performed a draw for a $1,000 credit applicable on specific products and services. The draw was at random among all our clients who participated in the survey.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of this year's draw is "CLINIQUE DENTAIRE DE BUCKINGHAM", a Progident client since 1998!

Please note that the best testimonials can be viewed in full on our home page.

Congratulations to the winner and a special thank you to Dr. Lavoie for contributing to the continuous improvement of Progident's professional products and services.


July 15th 2021

Win Time, Gain in Efficiency!

Professional notes are very user-friendly and easily fit into your routine. With direct access to patient information and the ability to quickly complete and sign your records, professional notes will help you find time in your busy day. They will become your ally for more efficient time management.

The professional notes functionality of Progident/Clinic respects the criteria of authenticity, inalterability, traceability and confidentiality recommended by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec in its "Guide pratique d’utilisation d’un support informatique pour la tenue des dossiers patients".

Treat yourself to a tool that meets the highest standards of dental information management on the market.

Here are some of the benefits and possibilities of this feature:

  • Complete your patient file directly from the agenda and your current appointment;
  • Optimize the uniformity of your professional notes to facilitate and accelerate the analysis of your patient files;
  • Take advantage of advanced formatting possibilities to bring out essential information on each note in the file;
  • Take advantage of customizable note templates per type of treatment to speed up your documentation;
  • Digitally sign each note as you would a paper file to protect your note and give it legal status;
  • At any time, view any unsigned note or note for which a signature is missing directly in the agenda.
Professional Notes

For more information on professional notes and paperless management, contact a Progident advisor.


June 14th 2021

Progident Enters Into a Partnership With The FHDQ

Since May 28, Progident is in a happy partnership with the FHDQ (Fédération des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec) and grants all its active members (with supporting evidence) a significant institutional discount.

The FHDQ aims to make preventive oral health services provided by dental hygienists more accessible. Progident is proud to contribute by offering clinics a dental management solution designed at the cutting edge of technology. We provide flexibility and management performance to allow you to manage your practice with a masterful hand.

To access the partnership agreement, click here.


June 9th 2021

Withdrawal of the Patient's Social Insurance Number: Progident Always Compliant

Important Notice

In response to the ACDQ press release regarding the withdrawal of the patient's SIN (Social Insurance Number) from the Dental Claim and Treatment Plan Claim Form, we are pleased to inform you that your Progident software is compliant with printing insurance forms. You don't have to do anything because the NAS does not appear on them.

We invite you to use our "Online Support Request" service from the "Help" menu of your software for more information.


May 20th 2021

Take Control of Your Web Image With CTRL/Web

Project the image you wish to present the way you want to by controlling and developing your web image using CTRL/Web!

Always in the spirit of supporting the growth and management of your operations, Progident presents its new self-management platform, CTRL/Web, a simple and high-level content manager to help you promote your clinic on the Web.


With CTRL/Web, concrete management benefits are offered to you:

  • Create, modify, and manage your website by yourself in a high-level CMS;
  • Control all the aspects that impact your organic indexing to obtain a good ranking in the various search engines to be present when a patient is looking for a clinic;
  • Use our CMS as a starting point for a personalized visual or let CTRL/Web adjust to your most complex ergonomic and graphic requirements;
  • Manage your posts from anywhere in the world and preview all results before each final post;
  • Add different application complements according to your needs (appointment booking, image carousel, staff recruitment management tool, etc.).

In addition to the basic functions of the distribution module, CTRL/Web can be integrated into your patient web portal, allowing online appointment booking and offering your patients added value to your services.

Don't wait any longer, and take complete control of your website with CTRL/Web!


April 8th 2021

Get Closer to Your Patients With Web and Mobile Appointment Booking!

Your patients are your most valuable asset. Progident/Clinic now allows you to get closer to them by setting up an appointment via the Web and their mobile devices.

But the leverage of the new functionality doesn't stop there. It also allows any new patient to register for your services and make an appointment at your clinic.

When a patient books their first appointment online, a patient record is automatically added to your database. Therefore, the new functionality of Progident/Clinic also acts as a platform for the proactive recruitment of new patients.

Mobile Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking is not a newcomer to the web world. Indeed, several organizations already offer, via their website, the possibility of sending appointment requests by email. Subsequently, these organizations must immediately reconnect with the patient to schedule and make the actual appointment.

Progident's approach goes further because appointment booking is dynamically integrated into your internal management. In other words, the need to immediately reconnect with your patient can be eliminated. Putting it more simply:

A patient makes an appointment using his mobile phone, and the appointment appears in your current agenda, quite simply! This new appointment is then integrated, like all the others, into your process of periodically confirming appointments by email and SMS.

Obviously, although possible, it is usually undesirable to leave your schedule under your patients' control by letting them make appointments whenever they want.

Appointment Booking With Progident

Progident/Clinic, therefore, provides all the configuration mechanisms required to allow you to precisely define what each professional wishes to open as available on the Web:

  • the periods of availability (dates);
  • the days of availability;
  • the possible time slots;
  • the type of treatment available.

A basic use could, for example, target a historically less busy period to allow appointments to be made for a given service.

A true multi-branch platform, the online appointment booking of Progident also allows patients to choose the branch they wish to go to for their appointment. Do you operate as a banner? This new functionality centralizes appointment booking for your clientele while rigorously redirecting and separating the appointments seen by each of your branches.

Web and Mobile Appointment Booking

In terms of its deployment, Progident's web appointment booking can fit into your daily management in different ways:

  • Completely autonomous, by communicating the web address directly to a patient;
  • Via an option integrated into your clinic's website;
  • Via the use of the Progident Patient Web portal, which can itself be integrated into your website via a "My file" option;
  • Via an integration into the message of batch reminders.

Free up value-added time for your patients and get closer to them thanks to this new possibility of Progident/Clinic! For more information or a free demonstration, contact a Progident representative now!


March 25th 2021

Manage Your Dental Practice Expertly!

Your Virtual Clinic
Thanks to the Patient Web Portal, your patients can consult their personal file online in a secure environment. They can see their next appointment there and confirm their follow-ups, an option that reduces the workload of your team.

Agenda to Your Liking

An Agenda to Your Liking
Progident does not impose parameterization limits to offer you all the freedom you could wish for in your agenda. A "Kanban" type console is also integrated into the software to provide you with a global vision of your clinic in terms of your patients and professionals' progress for the active day at all times. As a bonus, the professional can consult his schedule on his mobile phone at any time!

One-Step Invoicing

One-Step Invoicing
Our Progident/Clinic software is fully integrated with our Progident/Finance accounting software, which includes financial statements, supplier management with EDI payment, and more. What you invoice in Progident/Clinic is automatically entered into Progident/Finance. Moreover, thanks to the combined billing of Progident, you can transfer an insurance balance to a patient balance in one click with the new simplified history work window.

Productive and Efficient Communications
Stop wasting time moving between rooms to communicate with others. You can use the integrated messaging system to communicate quickly between all your rooms in a confidential manner, whether to indicate a patient's arrival or even a hygienist ready for the dentist's examination. A visual attribute can also be added, for example, with blinking or a change of colour by type of appointment or resource according to your needs to speed up the reading.

A Powerful Odontogram

A Powerful Odontogram
The Progident odontogram allows treatment entry and the addition of indicators to allow rapid identification of appointments made for patient examinations.

Choose Progident now! For more information on our dental management solution, contact a Progident representative.


December 18th 2020

Best Wishes for 2021!

Best Wishes!

December 9th 2020

Family Management With Progident—a Powerful Tool!

More user-friendly than ever, family management is simple, fast, and efficient! You will notice an increase in the efficiency of the administrative staff in addition to being able to offer a more personalized service to your patients.

Family Management

Our team works tirelessly to improve the user experience of the Progident software and to develop new features to improve your quality of life at work.

For more information on family management, contact a Progident representative now. Stay informed with Progident!


November 11th 2020

Partnership Between Progident and Jul Solutions

Jul Solutions | A Progident Partner

Progident is pleased to announce its partnership with JUL Solutions, a 100% Quebec-based family business specializing in the imaging, storage and filing of documents.

The move of clinics towards paperless management is growing in popularity. For your documents to keep their legal standing and to ensure security and confidentiality throughout the process, it is imperative that you go about scanning your documents the right way. That is what JUL Solutions is committed to doing for you.

If you have any questions, you can visit or contact JUL Solutions at 1 800 463-2849


October 23rd 2020

COVID-19 – Reinventing Ourselves to Last!

Reinventing Ourselves to Last

The current global pandemic is disrupting our social, economic, and personal environment. Mr. Daniel Girard, ing. MBA, suggests you today a reflection that aims to support your managerial approach in this imposed step back.

We invite you to consult the management post on the subject by clicking on the following link: COVID-19 - Reinventing Ourselves to Last!

To learn more about us or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Progident representative at 1 800 650-0143 or by email at .


April 21st 2020

A promotion to support you in the rapid resuming of your activities

During this period of extreme public health turbulence and when efficient communication becomes a valuable asset in keeping your patients well informed, Progident is pleased to offer the following special promotions:

Special Promotion

March 20th 2020

COVID-19 - Business Continuity

We are remaining positive here at Progident, and we understand the importance of cooperation in these unusual circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

To that end, we would like to state that we are continuing our commercial activities.

We are making sure that our customers and partners continue to receive exceptional service.

We would like to remind everyone to limit their non-essential travel and contact with those around them in both personal and professional contexts.

We are also taking this opportunity to sincerely thank our team for remaining outstandingly professional. Without them, we would not be able to keep providing such high quality services.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the situation.

We will keep you informed of any changes on our social media pages.

Thank you for continuing to work with us!


January 22nd 2015

Progident customer service, improved and ever more efficient!

Positive customer experience has always inspired our actions. It is our driving force; the strength which urges us constantly to innovate in order to surpass expectations.


“Services”, “Information” and “Added value”: three poles to serve you better!  

Regarding innovation, we are pleased to announce the creation of a Customer Service Manager position which will undoubtedly bring a new dynamic within the team, as well as among our customers. Therefore, our customer service department now consists of three distinct poles in order to better meet your needs:

  • Mrs Sandra Durand, Head Office of the Customer Service Department, whose vast experience in customer service and implementation will benefit the entire customer service team but will be especially beneficial to the customers! By the way, are you familiar with our Website’s ʺFAQʺ section or our new ʺOnline Request for Assistanceʺ service? We invite you to try them upon your next communications with our customer service, you will love it!
  • Mrs Diane Bernard, Training and Documentation services, provides our customers and staff with the documentation and necessary training to optimize and facilitate the use of our various products. For instance, she makes it possible for us to offer tools such as the ongoing training program and the pages ʺNew Featuresʺ and ʺTechnical Bulletinsʺ, available on our Website.
  • Mrs Mélanie PatryCustomer Loyalty service, particularly ensures the best possible experience for our customers. She analyzes the various wants and needs of our customers and suggests solutions to improve their use of the software and Progident services in general. For instance, if you need to adapt or complete your Progident solution with the addition of software, modules, additional users and, naturally, an adequate service plan, she is the one to go to!

In short, whatever your needs, we make every effort to satisfy them by offering you a more successful and rethought customer service. Moreover, never hesitate to call upon the various services available to you or give us feedback, which will help us achieve better results!


December 15th 2014

2014 Satisfaction Survey: 96% of satisfied customers!


Freshly compiled, our recent satisfaction survey 2014 reveals that 96% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with their Progident solution.

Although happy with this excellent result, the 2014 survey, however, shows us the importance to pursue our efforts of development and improvement, both at the level of our software and customer services.

2015, a year that promises!

With the introduction of a fresh dynamics in the customer service, an effective online support system with new versions and new functionalities for our management solutions as a whole, we know that 2015 will bring good news for our customers and we look forward to hear your reactions during the next survey planned for spring of 2015. Once again, we wish to remind you the importance to participate in order to assure the coherence and the relevance of the results collected.

Participation award 2014:

A participation award, including a bank of 5 hours of Progident services, as well as a selection of formation in our continued education program of 2015, was the object of a draw among the survey respondents of 2014.

Therefore, it is a pleasure to announce that the Clinique dentaire Dr André Berthiaume in Saint-Hubert is the happy winner.

We offer our sincere congratulations to the winner and our heartfelt appreciation to all of our customers that took the time to answer!

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