Financial and Accounting Management With Progident/Finance

Flexibility and reliability are finally brought together for the accounting and financial management of your dental practice.

Are you looking for a powerful solution for the financial management of your dental clinic?

Here is Progident/Finance, our fully integrated accounting software with Progident/Clinic. This ERP solution will perfectly meet your financial needs!

Why Progident/Finance rather than any other accounting software?

Simply because no other software offers real-time accounting integration. With Progident/Finance, track the financial evolution of your clinic in real-time and make informed decisions!

All dental fee guides are included in the software, and the encoding of procedures can be done using the dental chart or the treatment file via a powerful input wizard that operates on an abbreviation basis.

The software supports the ACDQTM and ITransTM networks for claims to primary insurers. The SYRATM platform of the RAMQTM is also supported.

You will be more productive by saving valuable time thanks to the automated reconciliation features of RAMQTM payments and DentaideTM payments. Plus, Progident is the only software to offer the DentaideTM reconciliation!

Discover the exclusive management benefits of Progident/Finance by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

Chart of Accounts and Budgets, the Focal Point!


Client Records and Supplier Records


Payroll Software


Inter-Company Management


The Big Payoff Is Time Management!


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