Configurable secure access

Have complete control over access to features
and information generated by Progident software.

Configurable work environments

Define and operate up to nine highly customizable work environments.

Powerful report
and form generator

Develop and customize your own reports and forms,
or use the basic forms in your sector.

General business processes in the same sector are similar in structure, but often differ in the way they are applied to day-to-day operations. This is where the concept of work environments plays a key role in the success of your management information system.

This is where the concept of work environments plays a key role in the success of your management computerization: each employee using a Progident management solution can work in an optimal operational configuration to maximize productivity.

Whether it's the confidential information of your employees, your customers, trade secrets or other types of sensitive information that can only be consulted by specific parties, the protection of this type of information is critical, and your ERP solution must be able to respond.

With the Progident/Plateforme platform, any work window can be configured to display only the desired information elements of an information sheet, by user or group of users.

A rapid gain in productivity without the complexity of installation, the need to use an external application and, above all, in the most private exchange framework possible to keep your internal exchanges... within your organization.

Have you ever wondered why, with so much information and computerized analysis possibilities at your fingertips, the management of some companies seems to stall and stand still?

The answer is simple: if the quality of the information underpinning your operations and analyses is questionable, or downright poor, it's automatically impossible to optimize your company's overall productivity, because you'll either be reluctant to make the right decisions, or you'll be making them blindly.

You know your business inside out, you have a clear vision of how to position yourself advantageously over your competitors, you've got the game plan... so what are you missing?

Your company needs to execute and deliver!

Your day-to-day business is a continuous sequence of analysis, creation and operations, constantly based on key information.

Upstream actions and decisions must therefore be taken quickly to boost your corporate velocity and competitiveness.

In short, when it's time to look for information, you need to find it, and find it fast.

Once your ERP management solution has been perfectly configured to match your internal processes and provide specific access to information for each role in your company, there's only one thing left to do: make sure that the operational framework you've defined can't be circumvented or modified without reason.

Make sure that your computerized management vehicle has all the necessary attributes to secure and protect the operational framework that underpins the success of your business projects.

Managing a huge volume of data is only relevant if it can be analyzed and the maximum value extracted from it in the form of enhanced management information.

Basically, all Progident software offers a panoply of standard reports (over a thousand) dedicated to the management role it supports. Through a combination of criteria and special operators, this library of standard management reports covers over 95% of the basic needs of our specialist sectors.

Our customers are at the heart of our daily concerns and represent our most valuable asset. This vision is more than just words at Progident, as we offer each of our customers a personalized services web portal to provide them with the best possible customer experience.

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