About Us

Progident has established itself as the largest dental management software company in Quebec. With more than 1,700 dental professionals who trust it, Progident stands out for its flexibility and constant improvement to help computerize dental practices and optimize user management. With over 25 years of experience in the dental field, its team of professionals meets the requirements of the sector and its software Progident/Clinic and Progident/Finance adapt to the budget, needs, and reality of its users to offer a unique and efficient management environment.

5 Simple Reasons to Choose Progident

1. The best-selling dental management software in Quebec. More than 35% of Quebec dental practices use Progident, which is more than 1,700 dental professionals in Quebec!

2. Technologies that rigorously meet the criteria of "Paperless" file.  

3. A range of Web services available directly from the software: Frequently asked questions (FAQ), support request, Web conferencing, video tutorials, etc.

4. An incomparable "Cost/Benefit" ratio on the market.

5. Specialists in the dental profession for more than 25 years. A professional company whose durability and expertise are guaranteed.


Progident: The Best-Selling Dental Management Solution in Quebec!

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