Progident - Services

Progident's Services

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!

We consider it a privilege to work together with our customers to continually surpass their expectations.

Result: During the course of the past 15 years, over 93% of our customers have declared that they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with Progident software! Watch your emails for instructions of our 2019 satisfaction survey and don't forget to participate to have the chance to win a price. Your opinion makes all the difference! 

While the soundtrack record for the functional flexibility of Progident software has been established for some time now, we are aware of the fact that the real gains in productivity that you achieve would not be possible were it not for the series of services dedicated to the use of our solutions in the unique circumstances of your dental office and your management objectives.

Progident Offers Four Additional Services:

  • On-site system implementation and training provided by a Progident specialist.
  • Software updates and user support are available online or over the phone (toll free number) when you subscribe to our annual services plan.
  • Ongoing training seminars are available as part of our training schedule, which is revised each year. For more information, consult the training schedule under “Continuous Learning”.
  • Our constantly updated interactive “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section provides customers with a collection of management information that focuses on the principal components of computerizing operations with Progident.

Take advantage of the leading edge expertise of a team of specialists who are committed to your satisfaction!