Multi-warehouse management

Manage multiple physical inventory locations centrally,
with exceptional inter-warehouse transfer flexibility.

Multi-version management

Manage multiple versions of the same item model, while maintaining a continuous,
comprehensive overview of the inventory volume for a given model.

Optimal purchase orders

With Progident/Inventory, multi-unit management is no longer an issue that weighs down your day-to-day management.

Each item managed via Progident/Inventory can have several versions, which can be stored in different warehouses.

Few software packages offer the same flexibility in sales management as Progident/Inventory, thanks to a price configurator that allows you to respond to the most diverse sales contexts and manage exceptional cases with great operational transparency.

Progident/Inventory provides all the basic reference information and analysis tools to support the work of your buyers.

All functions offering item entry can be operated with barcode scanners.

If your company has a simple manufacturing component, Progident/Inventory lets you integrate this requirement into your current processes.

Progident/Inventory includes a number of statistical reports that enable you to analyze volumes traded by product over an interval of dates, by month or by year.

The accuracy of your inventory and its value plays a decisive role on two levels: customer satisfaction by having on hand what you need to meet demand, and the reliability of your financial statements for the acuity of your financial vision and the financing of your business.

While inventory management may seem simplistic on the surface, experienced managers know that implementing rigorous, accurate inventory management is a business project that can become complex.

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