Continuing Education Program

Designed to enhance the user level of comfort and performance, the Progident continuous learning program is a cost-effective investment!


New Continuous Learning Program Entirely Reviewed and Improved!

We are proud to announce that our distance education training are now accessible through the Webinar formula.

Our team is constantly working to improve its methods and in order to make your experience even more interactive, the "Webinar" formula offers you a visual of your trainer in real time, an instant messaging system to interact with the trainer during the training as well as screen capture tools to enhance your training notes. Plus, the connection method is simple and effective!


Make Your Choice; Online Training or Customized Training?

The following training courses are available online, but you can also request private training, customized and adapted to the context of your company management. Simply request it by email and we will contact you to submit an appropriate proposal tailored to your needs.


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