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ERP management solution for your clinics

April 11th 2023

Are you looking for an integrated and global management solution for your clinics?

We have THE ERP management solution for you!

If you are looking for a real ERP management solution to manage your group of clinics in an integrated and centralized way, you may have come to the following conclusions. It doesn't exist, or the options are entirely unaffordable!


We have good news for you!

CTRL offers a high-performance and modular ERP management solution that covers all management aspects of your banner or group of clinics.

Start with a single segment if necessary and progress at your own pace. Thanks to its modular structure, the CTRL ERP solution is fully scalable.


Patient management

A complete digital patient file (EMR) covering the management of web and mobile appointments, personalized rate guide billing, the use of support forms personalized to your specialty, professional notes offering traceability of information outside pair, and all the functionalities of communication with your patients in the digital age, namely emails, SMS and patient Web portal.


Financial management

A high-level integrated accounting solution allows you to obtain financial statements by professional or branch (profit centers) while having access at all times to a consolidated financial view of your group. Automated distribution of labour costs by branch in mobile and shared personnel.


Custom manufacturing

The CTRL solution offers the possibility of deploying a "Cost price" component for cost control and custom order invoicing. Take advantage of a bank of historical projects to speed up your evaluations and optimize the profitability of your orders.


Inventory management

An exceptionally flexible inventory management solution for managing large-volume supply purchases that require the establishment of a central warehouse. The "multi-warehouse" feature of the CTRL solution allows you to rigorously manage an inventory by branch and know at all times the quantities of an item globally or by branch.


Working in the health sector for 30 years, CTRL has the technological solution and the cutting-edge expertise to make your deployment and computerization a success.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of the ERP CTRL solution, let us know your interest by contacting one of our consultants.


Looking forward to serving you,

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