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Reports Generator

A "Send by Report" choice of the "Communication action" field of the "Batch communications" functionalities of CTRL/Clinic allows a communication group to see its list of target contacts (details of the target group) being populated by the execution and the criteria of the report to which it is linked. This allows, in particular, a batch sending of PDF documents by email to a pre-selected group of stakeholders.

Version 11.1.4

Reports Generator

A new parameter named "Keep file after sending" is available in the output parameters of the reports generator. This parameter determines whether or not the file generated by the report and sent should be kept in the local directory. You can set this parameter to "No" in the context, for example, where you want to save disk space used to keep all reports generated for your e-mailings.

Version 11.1.0

User Working Environment

It is possible to switch the windows of a Progident software to "Floating" mode. In doing so, you will be able, among other things, to optimize the use of a second screen. For example, you could put your main application on one screen and the agenda on your second screen. Also, note that the use of environments is compatible with floating windows. Thus, when activating an environment, if it was saved with floating windows, the system will remember its position and the screen the window was on.

Version 10.80.0

Internal Messaging

A "Group conversation" option has been integrated into the "Internal messaging" function to make the exchanges and responses visible to all the integrated and initially selected users. Therefore, each of the recipients sees your message, can reply to it, and see the response of the other recipients.

Version 10.68.1

Reports Generator

The generation of the report can dynamically initialize the fields of a dynamic PDF document generated by a custom report.

Version 10.37.0


The software login window has been updated.

Version 10.36.0

Internal Messaging

It is possible to create user groups operated by the internal messaging function to filter the list of users, for example, per department. Two system filters also supplement this possibility: the “Active users” filter, which displays the currently logged-in users, and the “Active conversations” filter, which indicates the users with whom the current user has ongoing conversations.

Version 10.32.0

Reports Generator

It is now possible to sign a document generated interactively per report via a signature "pad" or a tablet PC.

Internal Messaging

The internal messaging window now offers an “On Top” display option to never disappear from the screen.

Version 10.19.0


The "Memo" file now has additional "References" fields in the "Reference" tab, i.e. 5 "Character" type fields, 3 "Duration" type fields, and 3 "Date" type fields".

Version 10.18.0

User Working Environment

The design of working environments has been greatly improved with a more detailed safeguard of the environment. From now on, the window dimensions, the active tab by default, and the columns (choice, position, and dimension) of each window in list mode, i.e. three aspects of the working environment, are saved in detail. This improvement makes it possible to design very different working environments that are much better suited to specific operational contexts. Previously, the configuration of a given work window remained the same for all designed work environments. Now, the same window can have a different configuration per working environment.

Version 10.13.0

Edit Drop-Down Window

The "Selection" column of any working window is now saved with the configuration of the window for any working environment.


The Smigg application platform now offers two choices of iconography for software, either "Classic", which corresponds to the historical visual of the software, and "Windows 8" which corresponds to a new, more current visual. This choice also offers the possibility of customizing the base color. The visual choice is configured per user in the "Collection" parameter of the "Form" tab of their personal file (System> Access right> Personal).

Version 10.12.0

Interactive help

The "Help" menu now offers direct access to the assistance request via the Web. The "Support Request" option automatically activates the web request form.

Version 10.11.0


New global display themes have been added to the theme library (System> Display> Themes) to give you a wider range of customizing work environment choices.

Version 10.9.0


A new "Border of active window" propriety allows you to define the visual emphasis to be placed on the border of the active (selected) window. The color and thickness of the active window outline can be configured.

Version 10.8.0

Edition, Information Editor

As part of a "paperless" management and more precise traceability per user, assigning a specific color and font per user to any "Comment" type field in the software is now possible. This configuration is carried out using the input properties of the () control, customized for the user.

User Working Environment

It is now possible to integrate any display window of a "Comment" control in a work environment. This addition makes it possible to create even more efficient and personalized working environments.

Version 10.7.0

Edition, Information Editor

A new "Active line" property of a () working window allows you to define the visual emphasis to be made on the selected line in "List" mode. The font, style, size and color of the characters in the selected line can be configured to bring out the selected information more quickly.

Edition Filter

The properties of an () input field offer a new possibility of advanced filtering of the information entered. Indeed, a new “Yes, depending on the selection window” choice is now available in the “Restrictive entry” parameter. Once selected, this choice also gives you the option of specifying a specific filter applied to the field selection window. As this option allows you to apply a specific window filter, you have more control over your working environment.

Version 10.5.0

Interactive Form Generator

When running a report in “Interactive form” mode, it is now possible to draw interactively on an image inserted in the form generated on the screen. The final result can also be saved in PDF format for the document management of the file.

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