New Features of Progident/Finance

New Features - Progident/Finance

Version 10.76.11

Management Dashboard

The MS-Excel financial dashboard integrated into Progident/Finance supports charters with up to 5,000 accounts and allows the use of accounts with extension. This allows, among other things, the analysis or the creation of financial statements by "Division".
It is possible to define a collection and disbursement profile per month to manage your business's particularities properly. Global settings are also available and, upon delivery, initialize monthly settings, which can be customized.

  • A visual indicator indicates whether a group is in use (displayed in black) or not used (displayed in blue) on the "Accounting group" tab to quickly detect unused groups to remove them from the list and thus simplify your configuration.
  • The calculation of the available operating credit is limited to $0.
  • The forecast cash, at the level of the use of the forecast difference, always uses the absolute value.
  • The "Financial ratios" pane of the dashboard is delivered with references to classic ratios linked to standard accounting groups to give an example of a possible definition.
  • The spreadsheets display the Progident logo.
  • The user guide reflects the latest improvements.

Version 10.76.0

Mobile Timesheet

The "Initialize timesheets/expense reports" buttons have been added to the "Week" view in the mobile web interface of timesheets and expense reports. Therefore, it's possible to take advantage of the predefined templates per user.

Mobile Timesheet

Navigating and moving from one day to another in timesheets and mobile expense reports is now faster thanks to the introduction of the "Arrow" button present to the right of the date. The same principle also applies to changing the week.

Version 10.75.0

Mobile Timesheet

It is now possible to enter negative hours on the mobile timesheet.

Version 10.61.0

Client (Record)

The merger of "Client" or "Supplier" files from Progident/Finance allows a replacement in Progident/Inventory.

Version 10.60.0

Auxiliaries (Client, Supplier)

A "Reference 1" selection criterion is present in all "Accounts payable" and "Accounts receivable" reports. It is possible to display or not this column by the "Presentation reference 1" criterion.

Version 10.59.0

Supplier Cheque

It is possible to define a specific report to be used when printing the preliminary list to the supplier batch payment table by using the appropriate field on the "Supplier" tab of the management parameters.

Web Expense Statement

The mobile timesheet now allows the possibility of expense statements.

Version 10.55.0


A "Merge" option is available in the "Edit> Delete>Merge" menu of the "Client" and "Supplier" records to allow the grouping of two "Clients" or "Suppliers" records in the same record.

Version 10.49.0

Financial Statement

Drilldown to the financial statements has been improved with the introduction of 2 additional levels as needed, either per company in inter-company mode or per project for project management mode. Your financial statements can now drill into accounting information on 4 levels.

Version 10.42.0

Supplier Cheque

The printing of the receipt letter (FS000080) has been revised and corrected to include the discount amounts in the amount printed on the letter.

Version 10.36.0


A choice has been added to the combo box of the Period field of the timesheet and the expense report, namely "Current pay". This choice will present the timesheets and expense statements for the current pay period, the first unclosed period(s) of the current payroll calendar. In the presence of a payroll calendar is defined fortnightly, the choice "Current pay" will present the timesheets and expense statement for the two periods. This choice will not be available for a user configured to "Personal" at the level of their responsibility.

Version 10.33.0

Accounting Distribution

The accounting distribution that was previously intended only to manage payroll entries has been restructured and now applies to all Progident/Finance transactions.

Version 10.32.0

Charter of accounts

Restructuring was carried out at the level of the accounting charter to simplify the management of the accounts. Thus, the entire account management is defined in the same place, that is to say, in the accounting charter. The "Master" type of the charter of accounts has also been separated from the notion of the type of account. Thus, the "Master" field has been added to the charter, and the possible choices are "Yes" or "No". The definition of controlling accounts, which was previously on the "General ledger" tab of the company settings, has been moved directly to the accounting charter. Thus, in the "Type" field, several types of accounts have been added, more specifically, all control accounts. In addition to the current types, D-Start stock, F-End stock, and I-Inter-company, here are the new types: R-Regular, B-Unallocated profit, C-Current profit, A-Inter-company Advance to E-Inter-company - Due to N-Account payable G-Receivable account H-Payable deduction J-Receivable deduction K-Payable tax L-Receivable tax M-Bank S-Payment discount-Sale T-Payment discount-Purchase V-Variation on TC - Gain/Loss. In addition, the "Bank account" menu from the master data has also been moved to the account chart. So when the account type is set to "Bank", a "Bank" tab appears and presents all the same information that was on the banks menu.

Version 10.29.0


An "Email" field has been added to the supplier record to facilitate the sending by email of various reports.

Client (Record)

An "Email" field has been added to the client record to make it easier to send a report by email, for example, account statements.

Employee, Employment

An "Email" field has been added to the employee record to make it easier to send various reports by email.

Version 10.27.0

Currency (Multi-Currency)

The Progident/Finance software now supports complete multi-currency management.

Version 10.26.0

Payroll Bank

It is now possible to update the banks of hours employed based on a percentage increase.

Expense Statement

For more efficient expense statement management for the CCQ, the sector, context, and level are now initialized according to the job profile so that the rate can be initialized by the rate configurator of the statements of employment. Thus, it is possible to create a greater variety of configurators using the expense report rate configurator.

Version 10.20.0

Auxiliaries (Client, Supplier)

The addition of the selection criterion "Customer category" or "Supplier category" to the reports of client and supplier transactions offers the possibility of analyzing the transactions per category of client or supplier.

Disbursement Journal

The management of authorized signatories has enhanced support for supplier EDI payments. Thus, it is possible to choose between one or more mandatory signatories thanks to a new management parameter and the possibility of defining the maximum authorized amounts.

Version 10.18.0

Financial Statements

The printing of the consolidated financial statements (more than one company) now considers the percentage of control defined in the “Inter-company links” of the companies selected for the report. The figures of the other companies will thus be multiplied by the percentage specified in the parameter.

Version 10.16.0


A new "Calculation of leave" parameter has been added to the transaction code record. This parameter makes it possible to define whether a leave allowance must be calculated on the timesheet and, if so, it allows to determine if the calculation is interactive or deferred in the case where the calendar is fortnightly and that one wishes to take the first period into account.

Version 10.13.0

Supplier Cheque

When the inter-company field, which can be found in the company parameters on the "Transaction" tab, is set to "YES", a new "Company of the bill" field is available in the management parameters on the supplier tab. The possible choices are "Yes" or "No" and they allow the "Company" column to be printed or not on the stubs of supplier checks.

Version 10.10.0


A new 'Stopwatch' option has been added to the timesheets. This option allows precise entry of the hourly intervals that an employee worked for each timesheet. It will be possible to enter a start and end time. When an end time is assigned, the duration will be calculated, which will be added to the appropriate time of day field on the timesheet. Each day of the same timesheet may have several stopwatches.

Version 10.6.0


The form "T5018 - Statement of contractual payments" has been adjusted according to the latest tax provisions, i.e. according to the adjustment of the XML file and the adjustments to the printing of the form.

Version 10.5.0

Web Timesheet

It is now possible to manage the banks of employee hours in days.

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