New Features - Progident/Clinic


SMS Sending System

The appointment confirmation functionality via email and SMS can now be used individually for a single patient. It is simply a matter of using the “Individual appointment confirmation” option in the “Communication” menu of the agenda.



It is possible to send batch recall notices by email and SMS.

Software Report

The Time Analysis by Status report has a capacity analysis section available in the summary and detailed versions. This key report analyzes operating times and hourly rate statistics by professionals.


Reports Generator

Generated in PDF form, the treatment plan can be signed quickly and directly on screen at the clinic or emailed to the patient for signature at home.


The visual of the odontogram is refined, and it is possible to put a personalized background colour to the odontogram section by the properties of the window of the odontogram.



For hygiene and saving paper reasons, it is accepted that dental clinics transmit the insurer's response (EOB and ACK) in a non-editable format other than the printout. It is thus possible to send the insurer's response by e-mail to the patient.



A complete "Periodontal Charter" charter form (DS001227) is available. Referring to a standard in the field for detailed analysis, this digital form (PDF) allows you to reconcile your exam data in detail.

Once completed and saved, it is automatically kept in the patient's document management so you can consult it or share it quickly by email with a specialist.



Transmission to insurers for members of the CDHA (Canadian Dental Hygienists Association) is supported by the software.

The price guide of the Fédération des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec (FHDQ) is available and integrated into the software.

Cloud Appointment Scheduling

The Web and mobile appointment booking feature allows you to determine a maximum horizon (period) for displaying availability by treatment category to control and personalize your appointment range offer on the Web.

For example, appointment availabilities in the "Emergency" category may be limited to being displayed for the next two weeks only, while appointment availabilities in the "New patient" category may be visible for three months.


Medical Prescription

A "Prescriber and pharmacological assistant" module is available with the software and allows, among other things, the interactive prescription of drugs. Once installed and activated, the "Prescription" option can be activated from the patient file, an appointment in the calendar, and a patient's treatment file.

Version 11.1.3

Professional Notes

The "Professional Notes" functionality now allows additional formatting of the professional's initial or final note. It is the possibility of applying the standard options of "color, bold, etc.", to the desired sections of the note entered.

Cloud Appointment Booking

The software now offers web and mobile appointment setting functionality to enhance your service offering. Take advantage of this new possibility, included in the "Web Interface and Cloud Services" module of the software, to allow your existing and potential clients to make an appointment directly in your calendar. Through the configuration explicitly customized for your needs and your business strategy, you retain complete control over the time slots you want to open on the web and over the categories (nature, type of treatment) of appointments that you want to allow. A true multi-branch platform, web-based appointment scheduling, will enable patients to choose the branch they wish to travel to for their appointment. Do you operate as a banner? This new functionality centralizes appointment scheduling for all of your customers while rigorously redirecting and separating the appointments seen by each of your branches. Web appointment scheduling can be part of different management processes. For example, you can insert the function to your website to allow any visitor to your site to make an appointment. You can insert the function into your batch reminder sending to enable the patient to book their appointment directly and on the spot. The Patient Web Portal allows you to share documents with each of your clients. It will enable them to consult their personal or family file at your clinic at any time: an exceptional new Progident tool to bring you closer and retain your customers and stimulate the recruitment of new patients.

Version 11.0.0

Patient Portals

The Patient Web Portal offers improved family management. Two separated parents can see and consult their children's files without limitation, depending on the links and the rights defined in their files.

Version 10.80.0


The drawings made with the odontogram are presented in all modes.

Version 10.79.0


The "PBAS" modality for "The PBAS Group" has been added to the software.


The "ACCORD" modality for "Accord D" has been added to the software.


The "Global" modality for "Global Benefits" has been added to the software.

Version 10.75.0


It is possible to modify the billing manager and/or the processing resource of an act in the processing file without crediting the act.

Version 10.72.1


A "Complete examination" indicator (box) is integrated into the odontogram. It allows rapid identification of a visit corresponding to a complete reassessment of the patient's dental situation. This indicator then becomes a visual reference to quickly identify at which appointments were carried out thorough examinations of the patient.

Professional Notes

It is possible to pin and keep a particular note at the top of the list of professional notes, which allows you to constantly see any essential information about the patient when opening their file.

Version 10.70.0

Professional Notes

The historical notes kept in the commentary of each treatment of the treatment file have been migrated to the "Professional notes" functionality which supports electronic signature and traceability. Each migrated professional note will be automatically associated with an appointment if possible to do so based on a match between processing dates and historical appointment dates.

Version 10.68.2


It is possible to transfer an insurance balance to a patient balance with the simplified history work window, an option as simple as modifying (double-click on the field) the "Insurer" modality displayed in the history by the " Patient" modality of your choice.

Version 10.65.0

Inter-Software Integration

In the presence and integrated with the Progident/Inventory software, the Clinic software allows to assign the invoicing of items by inventory company according to the resource associated with the invoicing to the patient's treatment file. This option adds management flexibility in multi-branch and multi-warehouse contexts.

Version 10.64.2

Inter-Software Integration

The software allows the use and invoicing of items managed and integrated into the inventory with the "Product" inventory software broken down into different inventory and accounting companies. This allows specific inventory management per branch (warehouse) via the professional associated with invoicing, which can be associated with a branch by default.

Version 10.64.0


It is possible to associate a precise fee guide with a resource to minimize encoding errors, for example, in the context of claims for compensation from an insurer such as the RAMQ (guide Q, R, 8).

Treatment and Service Plan

The standard report for printing treatment plans includes several criteria to extend its use to different contexts and management needs, for example, for a presentation of the initial plan, to present a treatment plan according to its current date ( progress), and even to support the use of treatment plans as a communication link between the room and the secretariat for invoicing.

Version 10.59.0


Sending emails supports the configuration of Office 365®.

Version 10.56.0


In addition, and based on new possibilities of the “Kanban” console, a new statistical report on intervention times by resource has been introduced in the “Report> Analysis” menu. In addition to providing the actual response times by treatment category, this report also presents two key pieces of information. If the concept of planned visits is used, the report makes it possible to compare the time scheduled for the visit at the time of the initial treatment plan and the actual final treatment time. If billing is present, the report can also provide an average hourly billing rate by processing category.

Version 10.54.0


A new "Family" section has been inserted in the "Patient" file. This area shows the family ties of the current patient. In addition, to quickly allowing the addition and removal of a family link, any file linked to this "Family" zone can be directly consulted.

Version 10.52.0


With the introduction of the “Kanban” console, a new “Status history” option now allows you to view the status changes through which an appointment has passed, in addition to being able to obtain the actual duration associated with each stage.

Version 10.50.4


Two new management reports labelled “Detailed” and “Summary” have been integrated into the “Report> Patient> Insurance” menu to allow the analysis of patients with insurance or a given insurer.

Version 10.50.0

Kanban Console

A new "Kanban" type patient and time management console has been integrated into the software. The purpose of this console is to offer, at all times, a global vision of the clinic in terms of the progress of patients and professionals for the active day. The console displays the cumulative running time associated with each step in the patient's journey as an operational benchmark. Entirely integrated into the agenda, any change made in the console ("drag and drop") is automatically reflected in the agenda. All visual indicators of the agenda are displayed on the console.

External telecommunication

The Smigg platform now offers integration with auto-dialing platforms such as Skype and C3X. It is now possible to launch a telephone call from the software on any field such as "Telephone number" by simply clicking on the "Telephone handset" icon displayed to its right. Note that this icon only appears if integration is enabled.

Version 10.44.0

Reports Generator

The report generator interface has been completely redesigned to speed up, simplify and improve the visualization and production of reports. The possible operations are now centralized in a single working window.

Version 10.38.4

Account Statement

The software supports the RAMQ's SYRA platform for the transmission of claims.

Version 10.38.1

Treatment and Service Plan

The treatment plan working window has been completely redesigned, among other things, to integrate a new interface for managing planned visits. For example, the header and the detail of a treatment plan are now displayed simultaneously. In contrast, the planning of visits resulting from the treatment plan, that is to say, the planning of upcoming appointments, has never been so simple thanks to the "Drag and Drop" approach of the treatment plan for each visit. The same "Drag and Drop" approach also allows you to reorder the sequence of defined visits. A surprisingly efficient interface-To try it is to adopt it! If you do not use the concept of "Scheduled Visits", you will still be able to operate without this section being present on display.

Version 10.37.0


Designed and dedicated to the administrative reception desk, a new “Reception console” option is now available. It is an integrated and very simplified visual of information and basic patient management. This console has been specially designed for clinics that wish to operate in a simple and efficient interface whose management context is not complex.

Professional Notes

The professional note writing assistant has been improved:

  • New icons for navigation and use of note templates; 
  • New personal template editor and the possibility of defining administrative note templates;
  • Simultaneous use of the function during invoicing;
  • Automatic use of colors associated with each user;
  • Use of the assistant in a work environment; 
  • More flexible configuration of the automatic locking time of a note; 
  • Possibility of management of pending note and elimination of the obligation to automatically close/block a note following its creation; 
  • Integration of the notion of "registrant";
  • Option to consult the overall notes in the file from the agenda;
  • Presentation in descending chronological order of the notes by default; 
  • Filtration of notes for a given professional; 
  • Ability to pin and keep an important note constantly displayed at the top of the list; 
  • Manual link of a new note to a historical appointment;
  • Interactive signature of a user other than the current user of the session; 
  • Several possible signatories into the same note.

Version 10.36.0


A new "Return to the current date" option has been integrated into the calendar toolbar to speed up navigation.

Version 1.32.0

Medical File

The new versions of the ACDQ and ODQ interactive medical history forms are now integrated into the software.

Version 10.29.0


The conciliation function allows the support of the automatic reversals of Dentaide payments to allow Dentaire to pay itself out of the cheque it issues, which enables your clinic to avoid having to issue a cheque.


The “Resource” and “Responsible” columns have been added to the “Treatment” section of the odontogram to speed up data entry.

Version 10.22.0

Document Management

Digital document management now offers a new “Ascending” or “Descending” sorting option for rapid reclassification as needed.

Version 10.21.0

Inter-Software Integration

Integration of transactions from the Clinic software into Progident/Inventory is now interactively possible to accelerate and simplify transaction exchanges. To activate this function, enter “Interactive” in the Integration field of the system parameters.

Version 10.17.0

Inter-Software Integration

In the presence of inventory management, invoicing in the Clinic software can be configured in such a way as to validate the available quantity of an item and to display a message if the available quantity is insufficient.

Version 10.16.0


It is now possible to identify the patient's preferred communication methods in their file to reach them more easily. In the presence of several available communication coordinates, it is also possible to establish an order of preference.

Version 10.14.0


Two new statuses of basic appointments have been integrated into the software to specify the breakdown of the stages in the management of a patient in the clinic; “Ready for examination”, which helps notify a professional that it is requested in a given room and “Ready for invoicing”, which allows identifying that the patient is in transition to the reception to make their payment.

Version 10.13.0


The "From" and "To" fields of the odontogram display period are now directly associated with the appointment dates so that you can quickly consult the diagnosis and the treatment plan made during a visit or the treatments carried out at a specific appointment.

Version 10.12.0


The agenda now allows you to apply a visual attribute (alert) to an appointment based on a time period before or after the date and time of the start of an appointment. To give you all the necessary precision, this configuration is carried out by "Appointment status", a notion usually associated with the management steps and treatments of a patient. Configured to notify before the start of the appointment (negative delay), the visual alert acts as a reminder of an upcoming appointment or, even more helpful, to notify that the patient has not yet confirmed an appointment 24 hours before their appointment. Configured to notify after the start of the appointment (positive delay), the visual alert acts as an indicator of overrun, for example, when a patient has been waiting in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes, or a professional is expected in a given room. The visual alert can also be accompanied by an audible signal, if necessary.

Version 10.10.0


The menus and options have been improved and visually simplified to facilitate navigation and use of the billing assistant.

Version 10.8.0

Mobile Agenda

The address of the file associated with the appointment is now entered in the “Location” field of the Google calendar when synchronization is activated. This improvement allows you to quickly geolocate the meeting place from your phone or mobile device.

Version 10.7.0

Inter-Software Integration

The addition of an integration bridge with the “Carestream Dental” imaging software is now available.

Version 10.5.0


The software now makes it possible to secure management and invoice by branch. The new management parameter can activate this operating mode, accessible in the general tab "Secure management by clinic". The security in question here results in the filtration of basic data (group of acts, treatment plan, etc.) used at the invoicing stage, which is defined by branch at the outset. The software then only presents valid acts according to the branch associated with the current user.

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