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Progident/Clinic V10.5,
New Digital Management Features!

May 2018

First of all, we would like to thank all our clients for their invaluable cooperation in adopting the technology required to migrate toward the RAMQ's new SYRA platform. Progident successfully completed this important migration last March.

Progident will present the most recent improvements made to its version 10.5 of Progident/Clinic during the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec (JDIQ)...

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Progident, the Software with an Integrated Solution for Complete Accounting Management

March 2018

The Progident solution includes a transparently integrated software program for complete accounting. Progident is the only dental software provider that offers an "owner accountant component", which means that is is developed directly by Progident.

But what is integrated computerized accounting? First, let's clarify...

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Progident/Clinic : A High-Performance Internal and External Communication Tool

January 2018

Communications with your patients and your team are not only a basis for your productivity, but also for the excellence of the services you provide to your clients.

With so many functionalities dedicated to the efficiency of an office's internal and external communications, Progident/Clinic is firmly part of the global "CRM" trend (Contact Relationship Management)...

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Progident : First SYRA-Certified Dental Software Provider!

November 2017

As announced in our March 2017 article, the deployment of the software revisions for RAMQ's new SYRA platform officially began on August 7.

We should point out that Progident was the first RAMQ-certified dental software provider...

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Progident V10 : A Definite Asset for Effective Dental Office Management

September 2017

Technologies appear and disappear so fast that technologists themselves have a hard time keeping up. However, truly scalable management solutions are an invaluable asset for a dental clinic.

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Progident/Clinic : New Version 10 Launched at the 2017 JDIQ!

May 2017

Since version 9 was released, paperless management has been the central theme in developing our flagship software, Progident/Clinic. It can at times be unclear how this extremely important theme for the profession is implemented in offices.

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The RAMQ's SYRA Project : What Version of Progident/Clinic Do You Use?

March 2017

In 2013, the RAMQ began a major overhaul of its billing platform for health care clinics in Quebec.

This project was first carried out with physicians and it will be dentists' turn in the summer of 2017.

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Progident/Clinic's Improved Management of Dentaide Account Statements

January 2017

For some years now, Progident/Clinic has managed Dentaide account statement reconciliation.

Thanks to this unique functionality in Progident, Dentaide payments are automatically distributed and applied in patient files...

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New Version of Progident/Clinic's Patient Web Portal

November 2016

For years, Progident/Clinic has offered you the possibility of getting closer to your patients by setting up a personalized Web portal.

Whether your website is new or already existed, the new version of Progident's Web portal is a milestone in the development of your management solution.

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Prodigent, Another Asset of the ACDQ

September 2016

First, I would like to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) and congratulate the entire team for its many accomplishments and successes in the last fifty years! Progident is one of them since our affiliation with the ACDQ is a guarantee of sustainability and success for the Association, its staff, and especially its members.

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New Vision, New Management: Progident GO!

May 2016

Progident's team is pleased to announce the addition of new entrylevel software to its range of management products.

Introducing Progident GO, a simple, fully hosted (Cloud) appointment and billing management solution designed for dentists who are looking for a tool that is easy to install and use...

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Effective and Transparent Management of Medical Histories

March 2016

Managing and periodically updating patients' medical histories are important aspects of your treatment protocol. However, this step can cause delays in your daily schedule, especially when patients arrive at the last minute.

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Continuing Education Support, a Gauge of Satisfaction

January 2016

Like all tools we use in everyday life, management tools perform and benefit you depending on how you use them. Progident knows this, and its professional guidance services are a key part of its success.

In 2015, it made major progress in this area...

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Progident/Clinique V9, Even More!

September 2015

Version 9 of Progident/Clinique was launched last March. Since then, key improvements have been added to this state-of-the-art version!

Please look back at the March/April issue of The Contact Point for more details. As a brief reminder, here are a few of the functionalities we presented in that issue

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Your Data Belong to You … Still!

July 2015

In November 2009, I published an article on the delicate topic of management data ownership. If patient information belongs to patients, office management information obviously belongs to professionals.

However, in a unilateral move, the software suppliers of several new Progident clients blocked them from accessing their management data during just the first quarter of 2015.

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Progident/Clinique Version 9, Full Speed Ahead!

April 2015

The popular saying "You can't hold back progress!" is particularly true when it comes to technology. The way that the Progident dental management solution has developed is proof of this.

In fact, more than 100 improvements have been made to our products. Here is an overview of the key additions to the first draft of version 9.

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A New Platform for Communicating with Your Patients!

January 2015

Sharing information with your patients and business contacts has always been a fundamental part of managing your office, but there have never been so many possibilities as there are right now, thanks to technology.

E-mail, text messaging (SMS) and Web portals alone offer a wide range of communication tools that you can use to improve your relations with patients.

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Continuous Learning: An Excellent Investment

September 2012

Computer technology is developing at such a rapid rate that many managers, even the most experienced, are overwhelmed. If you're like me, you wonder at times if all this constant pressure is good for anything. Can we live without it or do we have to integrate all of these new features in our activities as swiftly as possible?

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Effective Financial Oversight Helps You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises!

May 2012

In the November 2008 issue, I dealt indirectly with the touchy subject of financial fraud in dental offices.

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Change management and the human factor

November 2011

Good resources are rare, which is why it is important to do everything you can to keep your best employees and stay as attractive as possible in the job market. As manager of a dental office, it is therefore up to you to skilfully combine development with stability.

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Strategic management and professional well-being

March 2009

"Management," a sober concept that withstands all your attempts at escape. If you were able to focus on dentistry and your patients, everything would be better, you say.

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A comprehensive and integrated management solution

May 2007

For the majority of dentists who already use computers for everyday patient billing, computer-assisted accounting is a done deal.

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Choosing dental office management software: Simplicity or Flexibility?

July 2006

For a specialist in dentistry, the process of analyzing and selecting dental office management software is no simple task. This is even more true if you are not already computerized. It is hard to choose between simplicity of use of software and its flexibility, i.e. its ability to adapt to different, constantly changing needs. Unfortunately, the second criterion is often rejected much too quickly.

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