A Well-Kept Secret!


Invisible to the user, this application platform is the strategic core of the Progident management solution.

Do you sometimes find yourself limited because your management system can’t adapt to your strategic vision? This is now a thing of the past, thanks to Progident/Platform!

An enlightened manager now has all the operating power necessary to unleash his or her management potential. Take action now!


Statistics and Practice Profile

A transactional system...What?

Progident/Clinic is one of the rare software programs that is entirely transaction-driven. If this means nothing to you, it is a feature that might appear somewhat technical at first glance. If we were to tell you, however, that it is because of this characteristic that you are able to obtain precise statistics, which are the basis of any enlightened management decision, the manager inside you would likely stand up and take notice! Progident/Clinic conducts an in-depth analysis of your past, present and ... future management information.

Discover your clinic's personality!

What is the social profile of your patients? What type of treatment represents the largest portion of income? What is the percentage of missed or cancelled patient appointments? Does this intrigue you? Of the over 130 reports that come with Progident/Clinic , more than 30 statistical analysis reports are pre-defined in response to the most common situations. For additional flexibility, management data can be exported and used by other office software such as Ms-Excel TM or external report generators like MS-Access TM .

You would like a particular statistic?

Once again, Progident/Clinic has a unique flexible management feature that adapts to your needs: a form and report generator that allows you to design your own statistical tool. Progident's form and report generator operates via natural keywords based on information to be included in the statistic.

Access and Security Control

The Key to Quality Information

Corporate executives require huge volumes of information to support strategic decision-making. Obviously, a number of software programs on the market can meet this fundamental need when it comes to inputting and storing information in a structured manner. But can they guarantee quality information? Given that strategic information is the foundation of any effective management decision, a professional manager should not have to question his or her professionalism. This is a key role of Progident/Platform: to ensure quality information by providing all the necessary protection systems.

Precision Protection!

Given that “Quality Information” must be protected, we know also that “Total Protection” can become a synonym for “Stifled Management” and hence management inefficiency.

This is why it is crucial for an enlightened manager be able to precisely control the degree of protection required for a particular management function. To ensure that access and security control remains an asset, not a liability, Progident/Platform offers two approaches to security: functional security and information security. By combining these two extremely flexible approaches, you implement the type of optimum security you need to guarantee quality management information and operation efficiency. Precision security for precision management!

Configuration of Work and Editing Screens

Fundamental Efficiency

For efficiency aficionados, looking for ways to save time is second nature. How many times have you hoped to avoid duplicate information entries when creating a client file? Duplicate information such as the state or province where your company does most of its business? What was initially a minor detail could result in many unbilled hours of lost productivity by the end of the year. This is just one example of among many other details! To guarantee optimum information input, Progident/Platform features editing properties (default values, mandatory entry, automatic selection, etc.) for each input field on the screens for all Progident software programs!

Relevant Information, the Way You Want It!

You can also use Progident/Platform to configure a “List” work window to include information of your choosing, in the order you want. Do you use a small number of input fields for a given table in your management environment? Eliminating irrelevant information and organizing the information necessary to guarantee efficient input and consultation was never easier. Together with functional security, you can use this option to restrict consultation to very precise information and to select category of user.

Efficient Search!

Most management software allows you to manage information that is deemed “critical” to your operations and decisions. But when it comes to finding specific information quickly and efficiently, things are different. Systems that anticipate efficient management functions for exceptional cases are rare. Progident/Platform features a number of high-level functions, including information filters and an “Advanced Search” option. Users can configure these functions and redefine what they consider to be an efficient search. Even the most surprising exceptional cases… and since an exception confirms the rule... Progident/Platform instantly becomes a trusted ally!

The Right Word in the Right Place!

All of the terminology used in Progident software can be customized, so you can incorporate the management vocabulary used in your specialization field. Fortunately, gone are the days when you had to adapt to the vocabulary of your management tool. Progident/Platform speaks to you in your language using a familiar and relevant management vocabulary for effective communicatin.
An Environment Has Never Been this Customized!

In keeping with its “MDI” (Multiple Documents Interface) approach, Progident/Platform favours the use of viewports and multitasking, which are key in your quest for efficiency. This is why Progident/Platform comes with a save option that allows you to automatically set and store a configuration of work windows ("Screens set") specific to each user. This allows users to start up activities faster during each work session.

Report and Form Generator

The Power of Simplicity and Flexibility!

The need for a source of strategic information can come at anytime and should serve the interests of anyone who plays a key role in the business. The ability of your software to instantly analyze management information is therefore vital. A form generator is an important tool to an experienced user, but at times can seem a waste of time and frustrating to less experienced users. Again, Progident/Platform goes beyond expectations by providing two types of report design: a simplified generator and form generator. Whether you’re a technophile or technophobe, any user will find it a valuable tool!

The Fast Track to Instant Analysis!

If you are more the “Management” type than the “Techno” type, the generator’s simplified mode is for you. Although technically less flexible than the “Form” mode, the “Simplified” design mode is faster and provides you with more than 90% of your analysis needs. It is also an excellent starting point as a prototyping tool to design more complex reports. A report designed in “Simplified” mode can be seamlessly transferred to “Form” mode to be completed by a technical specialist.   

Form Letters for Targeted Communications!

For many, standardized communications is a process that waters down the importance and personal contacts between a company and its outside environment. A lack of standardization, however, also has pitfalls that every business should avoid. For example, sending an incomplete message by error to customers or inefficient preparation for mailings. To meet a business’s strategic communication needs, the report generator comes with a form letter feature that completely eliminates the need for use of external word processing software. This function operates in an RTF (Rich Text Format) editing environment and comes with almost all of the usual text formatting options, including fonts, control of indentation, tabulation and the ability to incorporate an image. A dynamic object (OLE) can also be added in a text. In other words for example, a letter can incorporate an MS ExcelTM spreadsheet that changes dynamically over time for a graphic representation of cumulative sales.

You Have the Paper... We Have the Label!

Our report generator supports over 100 different label formats based on “Avery” paper models. Printing labels from any data table in your Progident solution becomes a fast and easy task that requires no other office software. All RTF editing options for form letters are available. The generator also supports printing one label at a time for use with special pilot printers, including “Smart Label” and Seiko.

From a Visual Display to Reality!

Management specialists agree: the types of visual representations that are used to analyze business results have a direct bearing on a manager’s ability to make swift accurate assessments. The data mining field is in full expansion because the need for different visual forms for multidimensional data analysis has been a proven effective decision-making tool. In keeping with this trend, the report generator offers three types of chart displays (pie chart, linear chart and bar chart), which can be activated at any time when a report is generated to analyze results from different visual angles.

Interactive Form and Drilldown, Power Under the Hood!

If your inner manager is salivating now then you will be pleased to learn that thanks to the Progident/Platform platform, the generator’s simplified mode represents approximately only 10% of its report customization capabilities. Yes, you read correctly! In form mode, the generator’s capabilities increase tenfold and expand to a point that almost defies description. One of the many features of form mode is the option to design reports with drilldown to multiple levels. Progident/Platform’s form generator also includes all of the usual features of popular report generators on the market, but offers a key advantage: there’s no need to purchase an additional external tool when you choose a Progident management solution!

Your Preferences Are Our Preferences!

With this degree of management flexibility, the number of customized reports can appear daunting. This type of customization power could become a hidden hindrance to the productivity of a work team were it not for Progident/Platform’s “Personal Report” function. With this function, each user can define his or her own list of personal reports. A list usually consisting of frequently used reports. Flexibility without compromising efficiency! This is a perfect example of the product philosophy that is behind Progident success. Import, Integrate, Export... Find Your Inner Peace!

To our knowledge, “Feng Shui” has not yet been incorporated into management software, but... times are changing! According to an ancient proverb, the spirit of an individual is like a parachute; it works best when it is open. Thanks to the Progident/Platform platform, Progident software operates using standard import and integration utilities you can draw on to effortlessly open your solution to the outside world. The report generator plays a remarkably strategic role in the open architecture of Progident management solutions. You can use it to produce report results in a variety of international file formats, including extension formats PDF, RTF, DOC, XLS, TIF, CSV and TXT. Information transfer and sharing has never been this easy!

A Well-Organized Hierarchy Begins with Progident/Platform

One for All and All for One!

To further optimize all of Progident’s platform configuration and customization capabilities, Progident/Platform is designed on the basis of a 3-level hierarchy architecture. This hierarchy system allows you to define and use general or specific configuration and customization models for each group of user. The unlimited number of management combinations at your disposal in a structured framework leads you to the following conclusion: Progident software is a tailored management solution, available at the cost of standard software and offers the stability of standard software!


Turn on the faucets! If your business manages large volumes of transactions, Progident/Platform’s “Client/Server” module is the ideal enabler to boost the performance and reliability of your Progident management solution from 50% to 100% with an SQL data server.