THE ERP software you need to effectively manage your dental office.

Progident/Clinic is fully integrated with our Progident/Finance accounting software and uses the powerful Progident/Smigg application platform for maximum flexibility.

Here are some of the exceptional management benefits which distinguish Progident/Clinic.

Paperless Clinic

Free yourself from paperwork, choose a paperless clinic!

Free your clinic from mountains of paper, radiographs and other records that are accumulating? Choose out management solution, "Paperless clinic", and spread your wings! Progident has the solution you need!

Patient File

Information at your fingertips!

No more putting a patient on hold to look for information. To search for a particular file, simply type in the first few letters of the patient's last name. The file appears instantly and complete patient information is available in his or her record: balances owing (patient and insurance company), employer, referral, etc.

If you're looking for more specific information, use the tool bar to click on the information of your choice: treatment program, insurer, reminder, appointment, X-rays, clinical profile, billing history! Even include a patient's photograph and his or her E-mail address!

A personalized patient approach!

Progident softwares comes with a number of pre-defined form letters: welcome letters, referral thank you letters, etc. To personalize Progident further, it merges seamlessly with MS-Word TM for complete flexibility. If you are sending individual letters or batch mailing by mail or fax, Progiden/Clinic is an effective communication tool for developing a distinctive customer approach!

The potential of the Internet is at your fingertips!

Progident/Clinic also allows you to communicate with patients by E-mail, for example, to notify them of a follow-up or to confirm an upcoming appointment. No additional navigator (ex. IExplorer) is required!

The power of multi-clinic management!

If you manage more than one office or if you're a member of a consortium of professionals from different specialty fields, with Progident/Clinic you can centralize and share client files in complete security, enabling customers to benefit from the skills of a multi-disciplinary pool of professionals. The management of the future is today!

Invaluable data!

If you have your own patient database or if you are currently using another software application, all of your patient files can be automatically transferred to Progident. The software comes with a large number of pre-defined imports from competitor software and standard CSV format imports. With Progident, your most valuable asset is protected.

Treatment and Billing

Fast, easy, efficient!

Billing for treatment was never easier: simply select a patient file and click on the billing button, which will take you through the entire process. Select an option and the system displays a list of billing and payment terms. Electronic claims by modem to insurers are activated automatically, depending on the patient's insurer. Upon reply from the insurer, simply confirm the information. It's that easy! The bill and insurance claim can be printed. Everything is stored in the patient's treatment file and his treatment plan can be updated to track the progress of treatment.

Easy billing, but much more than a billing software!

Progident/Clinic incorporates the industry's principal rate guides, but also allows you to define your own rates. The software comes with over 15000 validation rules to ensure entry consistency and to minimize errors.

Progident/Clinic allows you to use popular electronic billing networks (billing by modem) for claims to insurers to accelerate the billing and payment process. View at anytime a patient's outstanding balance or the balance owing by each of the patient's insurers. Progident/Clinic's technical structure is so accurate that you could send a detailed statement of account to each insurer listing the names of patients and the respective amounts owing!

Finally, entirely integrated billing!

If you are in Progident/Clinic's agenda, a click of the mouse launches billing for a patient from his or her appointment time slot. If you are not in the agenda, a click of the mouse launches billing from his or her file.

In either case, Progident/Clinic supports your decision to implement a proactive management program focused on maximum use of treatment plans. Progident/Clinic optimizes treatment plans by allowing you to link a plan to its relative appointments and to the billing via the unique "Planned visit" concept.

Agenda and Appointment

The cornerstone of performance!

Progident/Clinic's agenda is designed to become the control center for your activities. It provides instant access to patient information from an appointment time slot. You can even activate patient billing from an appointment time slot!

Complete integration of appointment and reminder scheduling is a timesaving feature. You can interactively confirm a reminder linked to an appointment, and as you do so your list of calls to make purges automatically. Whether it is used in operatory room or at the front desk, Progident/Clinic's agenda enables you to operate at peak performance and helps you make enlightened management decisions.

Clear, precise and visual!

Regardless of your workplace environment, one dentist or more, one or more treatment rooms, management of more than one clinic, with Progident you can create customized appointment books for an approach adapted to your needs. Progident/Clinic also allows you to customize the colours displayed for each type of treatment. This gives you a clear picture of the type of day or week ahead.

Time is... quality of life!

Progident/Clinic's agenda is a superior tool for optimizing your work schedule. It includes an innovative time slot search feature for ordinary search needs or for searches that require greater management flexibility. This unique function allows you to remain efficient even when faced with common appointment scheduling situations: patient changes mind, appointment cancellation, etc. More income or more free time? You decide. Progident helps you achieve both!

Dental Digital Imaging

The era of the digital file!

The dental digital imaging is another area in which Progident/Clinic excels. A digital letter, clinical photograph, X-ray, digital photo or another source of digital imaging can be easily stored in a patient's file.

The software integrates seamlessly with common clinical imaging software for excellent visibility that goes beyond simple display. No duplicate images, no wasted disk space.

Specialized Modules

Specialty driven!

If you're looking for a management system dedicated to the minute details of dentistry, Progident/Clinic offers a series of dedicated management modules that integrate seamlessly with other Progident modules.

For the dentist, the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never meant so much as with the "Dental chart" module which features encoding via a restorative dentistry odontogram. In addition to simplifying coding for treatment and improving the speed of billing, Progident/Clinic's odontogram and periodontogram serve as a dental professional's analysis and diagnostic tools for online analysis of a patient's history, active treatment plan, in-clinic treatment or any combination of these.

Digital imaging is also completely merge with a diagnosis because a clinical chart enables you to link one or more images to a graphical object on the chart. Easy and instant access to relevant information at anytime.

Accounting and Financial Statements with Progident/Finance

The Progident solution difference!

Progident/Clinic fully integrates with Progident/Finance, Progident's high-performance accounting software. This feature offers a high-quality accounting environment that adapts to the particular needs of health care.

By combining Progident/Clinic and Progident/Finance, you can obtain, for example, financial statements itemized by professional and treatment category, to closely track changes in your clinic's profile. You can also use Progident/Finance to manage budgets, payroll, perform a bank reconciliation, automate the issue of cheques to suppliers and more! Consult the Progident/Finance information bulletin for details.