The Analysis Report; A Beneficial Strategy for Your Time Management

The Progident analysis report provides the manager with concrete statistics to carry out annual planning that meets the management needs of your clinic. To do so, the computerization of your management data goes over the three usual levels of intervention:

Analysis Report

1. The operational level, which concerns the management of the activities and daily tasks of your professionals;
2. The tactical level, where control over anticipated results is exercised;
3. The strategic level, which allows the definition of objectives and the determination of the means to achieve them.

At the operational level, the statistical report evaluates the average operative intervention time by treatment category and by professional versus the actual average duration to determine whether the evaluated times are indeed met for each treatment category.

For example, when an appointment is too short for the intervention time, the quality offered to the patient could be affected by a cumulative delay in the treatments scheduled daily, while an appointment that is too long for the same time could cause a potential loss of revenue or customer service, as a professional could increase their number of treatments per day.

And since all professionals do not operate at the same pace for an equivalent type of treatment, the analysis report allows personalized control of the anticipated results per professional.

Analysis Report

Therefore, from a strategic point of view, the time analysis report stimulates the modification of specific ways of doing things in your team, for example, by adjusting the number of periods planned for a treatment and a given professional to better meet the actual times.

But that's not all! The statistic report also allows you to compare the average billable rate and confirm whether the annual net income is well-aligned with your goals according to the evaluated times.

Results: business objectives achieved, increased quality of patient services, and improved quality of life in clinics!

The Progident ERP dental management solution offers management tools that allow you to enter the information of different types and methods to draw up a precise portrait of your clinic, all presented in a simple and interactive interface. Depending on your needs, the report generator also allows you to save your data in PDF or Microsoft ExcellTM format.

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