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Progident Dental Management Software

Our Dental Management Software Is Designed Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Provide the Flexibility and Management Performance Your Dental Clinic Needs!

Designed to be the most reliable and efficient management tool for your dental clinic, our dental management solution stands out, among other things, for its performance and flexibility. In addition, our management software and our customer services are constantly improving to continue to exceed the expectations of our valued customers. That's why Progident is still the most popular dental management solution in Quebec!

In our last annual satisfaction survey, an average of 93% of our customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their Progident solution!

Progident is, in fact, the most popular dental management solution in Quebec and thanks to its affiliation to the ACDQ (Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec), the Progident management solution represents a mark of confidence and long-term sustainability important for our clients.

Manage your dental practice with a masterly hand while saving valuable time to focus on what matters most: your patients!

The Progident dental management software is designed for the manager who dreams of performance and wishes to:

  • Optimize his operations.
  • Expand his management operations beyond data entry or patient billing.
  • Provide value-added services to his patients.
  • Enrich the work environment of his employees.
  • Start simply while gradually moving towards a more sophisticated management.

ERP Management: A Step Ahead for Our Clients!

Our Progident/Clinic and Progident/Finance software are designed to integrate and perform on a single database. This unique feature in the dental field provides a flexible and efficient management environment allowing the dentist to eliminate any redundancy of information capture between the management operations and accounting operations of the clinic. A well-thought-out solution taht is adapted to your reality!

For example, get financial statements broken down by professional and by category of treatment. Track your clinic's profile or manage budgets and payroll. Perform bank reconciliations or automate check issuance to providers and more! Consult the Progident/Finance section for more information about this product.


Enter the Era of Management Dashboards!

Today, managers still analyze the performance of a clinic with monthly financial statements, but they must also have access to second-generation management tools such as management dashboards.

Progident proudly demonstrates its leadership in this area by including, with Progident / Finance, a financial dashboard that tracks the behavior of your clinic based on customizable performance indicators and a simulation and monitoring tool. Combined with your management expertise, these cutting-edge tools allow you to build your own Decision Support System (DSS). This is the cornerstone of your growth!

Web Interface

A Virtual Clinic for Real Benefits!

Your clinic is not immune to the advent of Web 2.0 and mobility. Would your customers like to take advantage of certain online services like requesting or confirming an appointment on your website? Well, it's possible! We can The students integrate many features of your Progident solution into your website and offer many "connected" features to your patients while ensuring the maximum security for your data and the privacy of the user.


Available Modules and Technical Bulletins

Progident consists of several modules that can be purchased and added progressively starting with the module "Patient File".

Each module has a technical bulletin that describes in detail the included functions. Simply click on the bulletin of your choice in the left menu to view it.

For more information, please contact a Progident customer service representative.

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