Continuous Learning Program

Designed to enhance the user level of comfort and performance, the Progident continuous learning program is a cost-effective investment!

New continuous learning program entirely reviewed and improved!

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The following training courses are available online, but you can also request private trainings, customized and adapted to the context of your company management. Simply request it by email and we will contact you to submit an appropriate proposal tailored to your needs.

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Characteristics and patient profile  Register!
Go further with your patient files by using the characteristic profile. Learn how to create, modify or configure the management characteristics. Learn how to use the management characteristics in the patient profile.
Management by family Register!
Make your life easier with management by family. Learn to configure and use the management by family feature. Filter by family. Billing and payment, and appointment scheduling in the context of management by family.
Schedule management  Register!
Get the most from your schedule. Learn to create a resource in the schedule. Understand and configure absences, presences and openings in a resource's schedule. Use and configure schedules by office.
Appointment management  Register!
Save time from the initial scheduling of an appointment, to batch confirmation. Configure and use appointment categories and statuses. Simple or batch modification of appointments. Configure and use the interactive waiting list. Simple or advanced availability search. Batch appointment confirmation.
Calendar management  Register!
Have full control of your calendar. Modify and adapt customized appointment books. Appointment book options. Calendar configuration settings. Calendar treatment and transfer settings. Synchronize the clinic's calendar with Google Calendar.
Billing and payment process  Register!
Optimise your billing and payment process. Learn the configuration behind processes. Understand the billing and payment principals and processes, whether in a paperless management context, or not. Interpret transaction history, and make billing or payment credits. Configure the billing parameters.
Treatment proposals  Register!
Effectively management treatment plans. Learn to manage treatment plans, with or without visit planning. Use treatment plans and calendar interactivity, whether in a paperless context or not.
Automated management of RAMQ  Register!
Save time and avoid mistakes with automated management of RAMQ! Sending and batch recovery. Recovery and distribution of account statements. Transaction history, etc.
Fundamentals of Tasks Management  Register!
Eliminate oversights, and offer better tracking to your client. Learn the fundamentals of Tasks Management (intervention). Registration, configuration, and follow-up of memos. Pending interventions window. Filter by user and/or type of task. Email sending and appointment scheduling within an intervention. Case management type; Receivables, laboratory case and reminder management.
Document management  Register!
Centralise patient documents and images and view everything at a glance. Use and configure document management. Importation, exportation, email sending, and document and image sharing. Document management option. Edit documents and images. Integrated capture.
Use of the Odontogram  Register!
Optimize your tasks in the operating room using the dental chart (odontogram). Learn to grasp the initial odontogram, diagnosis, proposed treatment plans (active and alternative) and prognosis and treatment of the odontogram of Progident/Clinic.
Client communication Register!
Increase efficiency while providing better customer communication. Learn to create, configure, and use send groups. Learn to define the selection criteria for sending. Define and configure the message type. Creation of batch sending.
Web service and interface  Register!
Get online and offer more to your patient and referring specialists. Configure patient files, and internal and external resource files, to access the clinic's portal. Learn how to share a document as well as what various contributors could access on the portal.
Information customization  Register!
Adapt the interface to your specific needs. Learn to set-up the window display by user. Configure pop-up windows and all fields. Learn to modify and filter data.
Report generator - Use of existing reports  Register!
Get the most out of using reports. Learn about the analysis possibilities using selection criteria, and runtime parameters. "Personal reports" function by user and/or by working window. Learn to modify an existing report.
Security management  Register!
Secure your databases. Set-up and creation of users. Understand and use information and functional security. Understand and use access groups by inclusion or exclusion, or a mix.
Report generator - Optimisation of existing reports  Register!
Get more from existing reports. Learn to customize and adjust the "simplified" standard reports, from your software, to your needs.
Current operations (Customers and suppliers)  Register!
Use the current accounting operation tools more efficiently. Use the different accounting journals. Learn to identify the accounting sources for transactions. Learn to reverse entries.
Starting an accounting company  Register!
Creation and set-up of an accounting company. Learn the different steps in the creation of an accounting company.
Payroll management  Register!
Implement payroll management. Configurations for payroll management, from the employee file to production of payroll.


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