Progident 100% Returns to CTRL!

With great pride, I announce today that Progident has once again become a full-fledge CTRL entity. This business decision gives Progident new momentum and more agility to continue its business and product development.

In fact, in 2004, CTRL and ACDQ united their expertise to create Progident Inc. Adding a "dental management software" component to the ACDQ's portfolio of services, this "50% -50%" partnership was dedicated to the computerized management of dental offices in Quebec. Building on the success of CTRL, Progident inherited the dental software CTRL/Clinic to start its activities, which then already had more than 425 dental clinics.

In 2020, the boards of directors of ACDQ, SSD, and Progident began a reflection exercise around their respective missions and growth strategies. During the various exchanges, the option that CTRL again become the sole owner of Progident was raised. Given the demands of the IT industry, the proposal appeared relevant and logical for CTRL.

We see a lot of positive in returning to a simplified corporate structure that will promote flexibility in the development and marketing of our software. Business agility is an essential asset in the constantly and very rapidly evolving information technology industry.

Now, what are the impacts and changes for you? Nothing!

As CTRL already had full responsibility for the management of Progident, all of Progident's activities are continuing as usual. You, therefore, continue to contact Progident using the same emails and telephone numbers.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the ACDQ stakeholders with whom we have worked since our very beginnings in the dental sector in 1993 and specifically Dr. Carl Tremblay, its current president, for his positive collaboration throughout the process of transition. Please be assured that CTRL and ACDQ have agreed to maintain excellent relations for any need and mutual support in the performance of their respective missions.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Progident team or directly with me if you have any questions. It will be my pleasure to talk to you.

Good luck to the dental profession and the ACDQ, good luck to you, good luck to Progident!


From our entire team, thank you and see you soon.

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