New Insurance : PBAS Group


Dear client,

We inform you that the "PBAS Group" insurance company supports electronic claims with the insurer number 610256.

1. Access the Progident/Clinic software.
(You must use the user "GERSYS").
2. Activate the "Management" menu.
3. Activate the "Insurance" menu.
4. Activate the "Private" menu.
5. Select the "Insurer" option.

Click on the "File" tab and create a new insurer file by pressing the key or clicking on the toolbar's "+" button.

Then complete the following information:

1. In the "Method" field, enter "PBAS".
2. In the "Description" field, enter "PBAS Group".
3. In the "Network" field of the Insurer Network tab, enter "NDC".
4. In the "Identification" field, enter "610256".
5. In the "Supported version" field, enter "Version 4" and complete as shown in the table below:


For more information about this update, do not hesitate to consult our Frequently Asked Questions from the "Help" menu of your Progident software.

Also, feel free to use our "Online Support Request" service to enjoy an enhanced customer service experience.

While hoping for this information to be helpful, please accept our cordial greetings.

Sandra Durand
Customer Service Director

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