Update of the 2022 Fee Guide for Specialists (Guides B, E, H, M, O, T) for Progident/Clinic and Correction of Guides 1 and 3 of the ODA

Dear Client,

The annual update of the 2022 Fee Guide for specialists is now ready for installation. In addition, we have just received a communication from the ODA explaining that there was an error in the file they gave us. Indeed, the price for act 01205 of guide 3 is wrong, as well as the price of acts 33126 and 33136 of guide 1. To update everything, just follow this procedure.

Please note that only the "GERSYS" user can do this.

This update must be done via the HELP menu of your software and not by a complete installation of your Progident software.

Automatic fee update

At your convenience, you will find below a step-by-step procedure for updating the 2022 fees.

Step by step procedure:

Step 1: Download the guides

As stated below, the "Automatic update of 2022 fees" can be accessed from the "Help" - "Live Update" menu.


Once you reach the next step, select "Update the fee guides 2022", as shown below, then click "Ok".  


At this step, if you see the message: No interactive updates are available, you can skip to step 2: Application of the new fees.

If you see this window, click "OK".


If the window below appears, you must restart the software by clicking "Yes".


Step 2: Application of the new fees

To apply your new fees, successively select the MANAGEMENT - UTILITY - ACT - FEE GUIDE menus.

You must position yourself on the desired fee guide and double-click on the "Fees" column to choose the year 2022 with the drop-down menu. For ODA Guides 1 and 3, you must enter your membership number and access code.

The effective date will automatically be 01-01-2022.

Click the DOOR button to complete the data update.


You can check that the update has been carried out correctly by going to the MANAGEMENT - BASIC DATA - ACT - FORM menu and choosing an act from the guide. On the "Form" tab, the effective date will be 2022-01-01.


For more information about this update, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions from the "Help" menu of your Progident software.

Also, enjoy an enhanced customer service experience with our "Online Support Request".


Sandra Durand
Customer Service Director


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