New Insurance : Global Benefits

Dear Client,

We wish to inform you that the « Global Benefits » insurance company supports electronic claims with the insurance number 000040.

 1. Access the Progident/Clinic software with the ''GERSYS'' user.
 2. Activate the ''Management'' menu.
 3. Activate ''Insurance'' menu.
 4. Activate the ''Private'' menu.
 5. Select the ''Insurer'' option.

When the modality window appears on the screen, look for the modality: AEVCA. Click on the "Insurer network" tab and empty the "Identification" field to remove the number 000040. When this field is empty, save with the check mark.

When done, Click on the "Record" tab and create a new insurer file by pressing the "Ins" key or by clicking on the "+" button in the toolbar. 

Then, modify the following information:

 1. Enter « GLOBAL » in the « Modality’ field
 2. Enter « Global Benefits » in the « Description » field
 3. In the « Network » field of the « insurer network » tab, enter « NDC ».
 4. Enter « 000040 » in the « Identification » field.
 5. Enter « Version 4 » in the « Supported Version » field and complete the information as shown in the table below :


For more information about this modification, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions section from the "Help" menu of your Progident software.

Moreover, enjoy an enhanced customer service experience with our "Online Support Request" service. To do so, click on the "Assistance Request" option in the "Help" menu of your software or visit our website at under the ''Services'' tab.

In the hopes that this information will be useful, please accept our warmest greetings.


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Director of Client Services

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