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Progident, the Only Dental Management Solution Integrating a Complete Accounting Software

11 December 2018


As we approach the end of 2018, you might be preparing your bookkeeping to possibly present it to your professional accountant.

Did you know that Progidient's accounting solution:

  • Allows you to eliminate the need for manual writing in an external accounting software each month;
  • Allows you to automatically obtain monthly financial statements by professional (unlimited number of professionals);
  • Allows you to budget and track your monthly income by category of treatment throughout the year;
  • Allows you to pay your suppliers by electronic payment (EDI);
  • Allows you to enter timesheets and to manage payroll, including the electronic bank deposit for each employee;
  • Allows the analysis of paid taxes for the possible recovery of an input tax credit;
  • Allows you to obtain consolidated financial statements for a clinic consisting of several partners (management companies); 
  • Allows to rapidly break down salary expenditures (ex: hygiene) per management companies (partner or associate);
  • And much more...

If you did not know all of these benefits at your disposal, or if you wish to know more about them, do not hesitate to contact one of our clientele advisors.


2018 Survey: Our Annual Meeting with Your Satisfaction!

14 November 2018

The year 2018 has been marked by the SYRA project that RAMQ has introduced for all dental software providers.

Despite the forced technological transition for many of you and the impact on your daily operations, many of you have appreciated the support provided by our team of customer advisors.

Here is the final result of our 2018 internal survey regarding the Progident software:

93% of our customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with its Progident management solution*.

Every year, many tools such as the online training, the customized training, and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are constantly being improved to help you get the most out of your Progident management solution and to reap all its benefits.

Your suggestions are always appreciated, whether for the improvement of our products or our services.

As in the past, to celebrate your collaboration in our success, we chose to randomly select, among all clients who participated in the 2018 survey and testimonials, a bank of a 5-hours service bank as well as a continuous training session of a total value of $ 550.

We are pleased to announce that this year's winner is "RIVEST DENTAL CLINIC AND LAFORTUNE, L'Épiphanie", a Progident client since 2002.

A sincere thank you to all participants and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


*The result has been obtained in the context of a 32% response rate and an accuracy of 97%.

Improve Your Patient Serivce with a Comprehensive View of Your Dental Office

22 October 2018


The latest article by our CEO in The Contact Point, an Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec bimonthly publication, is now available.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

To obtain the complete publication, visit the ACDQ's website.

Optimize the Management of Your Clinical-Administrative Processes Now!

25 July 2018

Progident and Chronometriq join forces to help you manage your dental clinic and improve of your clinical-administrative processes. By giving you access to Chronometriq's Clinic Productivity solutions, Progident strives to offer you a unique and effective management environment that adapts to your lifestyle while meeting your needs.

With Chronometriq's self-service medical terminals, that targets specific information for each patient and simplifies appointment booking, you will add value to your customer service and optimize your clinical process management. Contact us now for a free demo!

Progident and Chronometriq Announce a Partnership That Will Allow Progident Clients to Improve Access to Their Clinic and Optimize Their Clinical-Administrative Processes

08 June 2018

To read the press release, please visit Chronometriq's blog The Ward.

Progident Takes the Lead in RAMQ's SYRA Project

10 August 2017

We are pleased to announce the start of the deliveries of Progident/Clinic’s version dedicated to the support of the new fee-for-service system (SYRA - RFP).

The Progident team is very proud to be the first supplier in the dental sector to be officially recognized by the Régie as a developer for the new fee-for-service system (SYRA - RFP).

The expertise and agility of our development team, combined with our rigorously structured deployment plan, demonstrate once again Progident's leadership in its sector.

The Progident team has at heart the comfort, the productivity and the success of its customers!

When the time comes, you will receive a written communication with the installation procedure. Until then, simply continue to operate with your current version.

Best regards,

Video: Two minutes to discover Progident Go!

16 August 2016

Take two minutes to discover the new dental management solution Progident Go!
A cloud computing dental management solution with an intuitive and modern interface. So simple and affordable!



Progident customer service, improved and ever more efficient!

January 22, 2015

Positive customer experience has always inspired our actions. It is our driving force; the strength which urges us constantly to innovate in order to surpass expectations.

Progident customer service, improved and ever more efficient!

“Services”, “Information” and “Added value”: three poles to serve you better!  

Regarding innovation, we are pleased to announce the creation of a Customer Service Manager position which will undoubtedly bring a new dynamic within the team, as well as among our customers. Therefore, our customer service department now consists of three distinct poles in order to better meet your needs:

  • Mrs Sandra Durand, Head Office of the Customer Service Department, whose vast experience in customer service and implementation will benefit the entire customer service team but will be especially beneficial to the customers! By the way, are you familiar with our Website’s ʺFAQʺ section or our new ʺOnline Request for Assistanceʺ service? We invite you to try them upon your next communications with our customer service, you will love it!
  • Mrs Diane Bernard, Training and Documentation services, provides our customers and staff with the documentation and necessary training to optimize and facilitate the use of our various products. For instance, she makes it possible for us to offer tools such as the ongoing training program and the pages ʺNew Featuresʺ and ʺTechnical Bulletinsʺ, available on our Website.  
  • Mrs Mélanie Patry, Customer Loyalty service, particularly ensures the best possible experience for our customers. She analyzes the various wants and needs of our customers and suggests solutions to improve their use of the software and Progident services in general. For instance, if you need to adapt or complete your Progident solution with the addition of software, modules, additional users and, naturally, an adequate service plan, she is the one to go to!

In short, whatever your needs, we make every effort to satisfy them by offering you a more successful and rethought customer service. Moreover, never hesitate to call upon the various services available to you or give us feedback, which will help us achieve better results!



2014 Satisfaction Survey: 96% of satisfied customers!

December 15, 2014

Survey 2014

Freshly compiled, our recent satisfaction survey 2014 reveals that 96% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with their Progident solution.

Although happy with this excellent result, the 2014 survey, however, shows us the importance to pursue our efforts of development and improvement, both at the level of our software and customer services.

2015, a year that promises!

With the introduction of a fresh dynamics in the customer service, an effective online support system with new versions and new functionalities for our management solutions as a whole, we know that 2015 will bring good news for our customers and we look forward to hear your reactions during the next survey planned for spring of 2015. Once again, we wish to remind you the importance to participate in order to assure the coherence and the relevance of the results collected.

Participation award 2014:

A participation award, including a bank of 5 hours of Progident services, as well as a selection of formation in our continued education program of 2015, was the object of a draw among the survey respondents of 2014.

Therefore, it is a pleasure to announce that the Clinique dentaire Dr André Berthiaume in Saint-Hubert is the happy winner.

We offer our sincere congratulations to the winner and our heartfelt appreciation to all of our customers that took the time to answer!